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    Ken Delaney

    Now that most of us know which flights we are in, I will go ahead and lay out the skins game for Flights 5 & 6.
    The courses are: Oyster Bay, Willbrook, Prestwick & Burning Ridge

    The cost for the week will be $100 (Monday-$20 Tues-$20 Wed-$20 & Thur-$40). You can pay in advance on Monday morning or as you go (daily). If for whatever reason there is a “carryover”, and you chose NOT to get in the day before, it will cost you for both days. The reason I say this is because last year, we lost Monday to rain and if you didn’t pay $20 on Mon, you had to pay $40 on Tues (obvious, but needs to be stated).

    In case this is your first WA, we are only counting “gross” scores of “birdies or better” (NO PARS and no strokes). Your handicap has nothing to do with this format.

    After the round, we will be set up in the clubhouse (As close to the bar as possible :-). The most important thing you should do first, is verify your score with your playing partners and SIGN THE OFFICIAL CARD. Now, If you have a birdie, eagle or better, BEFORE you turn your official card into the Head Pro, please stop by our table and check to see if your birdie, eagle, etc is good enough to win a skin. We will NOT accept a score written on the course card. ONLY YOUR OFFICIAL CARD. We also will not accept someone walking up to the table and saying “I birdied hole 14” (not good enough).

    We will only verify off of your WA scorecard. This is the safest way to ensure no one cheats (I hate to mention it but there are horror stories of this in the past).

    Last year we paid out 5 skins on Tues for $568 each (carried over from Mon), 5 skins on Wed for $300ea and Thursday 2 skins held up for ~$1360ea. Good luck to everyone and all we need now is great weather.

    johnathan king

    Where will you be located at Oyster bay for me to be able to pay You for skins Game on Monday? time?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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