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    Rick Kimbrell

    First off, I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed playing in Flight 51 and also enjoyed the interactions with all the guys in both Flights 51 and 52. The “70 till death” age bracket has some great guys in it (and a few jerks…of which I probably can be one and may have been one at times when challenged about doing both flights combined).
    I was going to try and post these everyday but life happened and I just did not get it done. My apologies.
    I do know that some did not like the fact that I ran skins for both flights combined. All I can say for that is no one else stepped up and I damn sure was not going to put in all the extra effort to do them independently. I agreed at the very last minute on Monday morning to do what I did. And, I enjoyed it. Thanks for all the help I got. Could not done it by myself. And, in case anyone is interested…I paid out every dollar that I took in. I do not hold anything back for myself. If you bought me a beer or gave me a tip…thank you.

    Monday- 38 participating in skins Day 1 at Prestwick
    Hole #7 – Thomas Smith $126
    Hole #2 & #9 – Rick Kimbrell $252

    Tuesday- 39 participating in skins Day 2 at Wild Wing
    Hole #7 – Robert Weston $130
    Hole #11 – John Bishop $130
    Hole $14 (eagle) – Richard Curry $130

    Wednesday – 40 participating in skins Day 3 at Meadowlands
    Hole #1 – George Hayes $80
    Hole $3 – Bill Crowley $80
    Hole #6 – Arlon Courington $80
    Hole #13 – David Thalman $80
    Hole #17 – Richard Curry $80

    Thursday – 44 participating in skins Day 4 at Thistle
    Hole #3 – William Romano $220
    Hole #4 – Andy Shelton $220
    Hole #5 – Larry Premerlani $220
    Hole #10 – Wayne Higgins $220

    Everyone except Larry Premerlani (Thursday) was paid at the courses (same day or day later). WA helped me connect with Larry Premerlani and his check is being sent to him today.
    Again…thanks everyone and hope to see y’all next year.

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