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    Ray Brimer

    I am very concerned about forced carrys after back surgery I only fly my driver 200-205. My low index in the last year was 9.6 (now 11.7) I’m 59. What happens if you can’t carry it far enough? Hit until run out of balls and DQ?

    Jim Kavanagh

    Maybe try to hit around it. Or drop on the edge. Dies WAS gave a maximum stroke rule in place? Lot of events use 10, so you could skip the hole and take 10. And you are allowed to get a ball from anyone during the round, so no DQ. They don’t use the one ball rule.

    George Yocum

    I know the feeling that the Back hurts and you will not be the only one with the issue.
    Pretty sure it will be rare if this happens at all. I believe they have a Max score of 9. So if in the rare time after 2 or 3 you give yourself a 9 and move on. By the way did I say it would be rare. I hope you don’t worry about this and have fun.

    Tom McCain

    Hello Ray, there will be a 9 stroke max per hole. Plus, there may be drop zone on the far side of the carry. Have fun!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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