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    Bill Majercin

    This will be my 5th year coming down. Had an accident earlier this year and am now wearing Huge Leg Brace. Needing knee surgery but don’t want to miss World Am, will be having Partial Knee Surgery when I get back. Any way of getting Handicap Golf Cart at courses. Find I can still swing without hurting to much, however found hiking across fairways takes its toll on my knee. Can anything be done to Assist.
    Bill Majercin


    Bill – sorry to hear about the accident. Appreciate your dedication to the tournament! The golf courses themselves make the call on handicap flags at the golf course. With proper documentation (or visual in this case) there should be no issue. Fingers crossed for no rainy days! Best wishes during the recovery process.

    Lee Hooper

    Bill and Scott – Bill, Hope you don’t get TPC Myrtle Beach because they will not give you a Handicap Flag. I have a Prosthetic Right leg and they would not give me a flag last year, basically said too bad and with it being about 92* that day and taking 6 hours to play I did not have a good round and was to the point of almost not finishing the round. I hope never to go back there again because of the NO Handicap Flag rule and the Rude Pro Shop Personnel.


    I symapathize with you Lee. I have played there 3 times and its one of my least liked courses and yes you are correct the staff are not all warm and fuzzy and I got the impression that they thought they were a class better than every one else and it was a chore to accommodate us. No sour grapes just an honest opinion

    Todd DuBois

    Lee Hooper it has only taken one good leg for you to kick Landon Asakawa’s butt year after year and sometimes twice in a year….I think they made this saying up for you Lee “busier than a one legged man in an A$$ kicking contest” You are a strong man Lee and a great competitor.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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