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    A friend of mine started experimenting with golf clubs a few years ago. He noticed that every part of the golf industry has pretty much maxed out their R&D in golf balls and driver. What hasn’t changed that much is technology in the irons. Sure, you can change up the lofts so that your 8 iron is actually 7 iron loft and length so it goes further. Taylor Made 2.0’s are like that and I’m sure every other manufacturer has clubs like that as well. And of course there is the new one length sets.
    His irons are pretty much the same loft as my sets are as well as the length. The difference he has in the irons is that they have no grooves in the face. He actually figured out a formula for some kind of polymer that coats the club head, especially the club face, so that it produces the least amount of spin. The result is that they fly higher and further than a normal set of clubs.
    This was the first time I actually put them in the bag on Black Friday. It was about 50 degrees and a little windy so as you can imagine, the ball just doesn’t go as far in that kind of temperature. I ended up shooting 80 to my surprise. Here is the difference I noticed when I put a good swing on it. I had a shot that was 171 to the middle of the green with the pin in the back. Probably 175 to the pin with a slight breeze in the face. With my normal clubs I’d say a 6 iron on a normal day but probably a 5 iron that day. I was playing a bit of a guessing game with these clubs since I had only really hit a 7 iron over the summer. I ended up hitting the 8 iron to the middle of the green and it released to pin high. I’d say I would be lucky to hit my normal Mizuno MP-54 8 iron 145ish on a cold 50 degree day. During the summer I hit the 7 iron over 200 yards. My other buddy tried it a few times and hit he 7 iron over 230 yards. He normally hits his irons further than me. Will these clubs make golf fun again? I think for those that have lost distance over the years but can still make a solid pass at the ball it might make you feel like Ricky Fowler or DJ.
    The one observation I might have with these clubs is that the longer clubs might become redundant. I didn’t hit enough shots to figure it out for certain. I just don’t know for certain what each club will do. I did hit PW about 150. 8 iron was 175 but I’m sue it would be 180+ in the summer. 7 iron will probably top out at 210. I haven’t had enough shots with the other clubs to get enough feedback. I’ll be lucky to get out anymore this year because winter is coming fast. I go to Florida in January for my niece’s wedding so I hope to squeeze a round in with then there. We’ll see.
    By the way, I’m 48 years old with a swing speed around 105 with a driver. So results will very. My other buddy is 52 and he hit the 7 iron 230+. He only beat me and my other buddy once this year. He had the round of his life and shot 76 back in August. That was also the only time he had shot in the 70’s in his life. Good for him!

    Bob Newman

    Very interesting article. Now for test, are they on the approved USGA list??

    Bob Newman

    PS. good to see you back on the B.B., Jeff


    Hey Jeffrey, I will be coming to Canton for a week of schooling from March 26th till 30th. Hit me up and we might be able to get 9 holes in one or two afternoons. Have players Tamashanter before and another coutry club but what other courses do you suggest

    Bob Tillmon

    Jeff, Any update on these clubs? You got me curious.


    Bob, I’ll give you his number and info.

    GC Golf
    Adam Sclafani

    I’m not sure how he is selling them. He might sell you just one club if you want to try them out and don’t want to invest in the whole set. It never hurts to ask.

    Harry, give me a call closer to that time and I’ll see if I can make it. There are a lot of good courses in our area. Seven Hills, Chippewa and The Sanctuary are great tracks. The Dales course is alright. Built around 1927. They are talking about closing this course. They have 36, but, The Dales is a lot better course than the Hills. Big mistake if they let that happen.

    Bob Tillmon

    Thanks Jeff, I’ll check it out.

    Stan Mahaffey

    4-2. Playing Characteristics Changed and Foreign Material
    a. Playing Characteristics Changed
    During a stipulated round, the playing characteristics of a club must not be purposely changed by adjustment or by any other means.
    b. Foreign Material
    Foreign material must not be applied to the club face for the purpose of influencing the movement of the ball.


    Good to hear from you Stan. However your point is during the stipulated round and does not apply to these clubs since they are part of the production process. You put some Vaseline or the contact tape on the face now you have just breached rule 4-2. These clubs are completely within the rules of the game if you so choose to play them.

    john wolf

    Playing illegal clubs now are ya jeff

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