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    WOW we are only a few away from the new year and you know what that means

    Harry The Hacks H2H Golf season starts the 1st Thursday of the the year. As many of you know it is the greatest fantasy golf league in the world. Last year we had 137 players and this year I will be looking to reach 150.

    League – 1183 Harry The Hacks H2H 2022
    Password – H2H
    Entry Cost – $40 to Harry_s_radley@yahoo.com via Paypal, Venmo, Zelle or contact me 317 6526063

    I already have created the league and transferred last years players over BUT i will send out reminders and open registration the start of December giving everyone a month to jump in.

    Basic Rules. Players will divided into three pools prior to the start of the season A-B-C. Each week you will select 9 players being 3 x A, 3 x B, 3 x C which will be limited to only 7 selections each during the course of the year.
    Your teams are matched up H2H from week 1 till week 28. Weeks 29-34 will be play off weeks. You score actual points plus a bonus of the difference between you and your opponent x 10.

    Eg – Team A scores (315) to Team B scores (295).

    There is 20 points difference which is 200 bonus points, so the score would be
    Team A (315 + 200 = 515) … Vs … Team B (295 + 0 = 295).

    As normal I as hold many many side events to keep interest and give every one a chance of winning with 86 different ways to win cash and prizes with several randumb challenges paid out of my own pocket

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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