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    Andy Farber

    First time participant so looking for information.

    in looking at some past participants scores from rounds 1-4, it seems like many people have their handicap adjusted from round to round, sometimes up and down from round to round. ONe person went from 22, 17, 20 to a 25 for the final round.

    I am wondering how that could happen and is that something we should expect.

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

    BL Oliver

    The adjustments are made based on a very very complex mathematical theory of probabilities based on scores posted either high or lower than the expected score to be posted by a person with a specific handicap. Yes, it is confusing, but it has caught some folks padding their handicaps for tournament play. Conversely, it has harmed some that had a really spectacular week or round of play.

    Bill Eslick

    Andy – The handicap changes for each course you play. The daily handicaps are based on your handicap index and the course you are playing slope and rating. Last year my course handicap(s) were 16, 15, 20, and 17. It just depends what your tournament index is and the course you are playing. Of course you could always get dinged on you tournament index if they feel you are playing too good. Please enjoy yourself…

    Darrell Mattingly

    Only the shadow knows how they do it

    chris kogut

    I know someone last yr dq up by 4 then the winner won by 8??

    John Tantillo

    Andy–Like Bill said the course handicap variability you see in that one player is solely due to the courses and tees you are assigned, no voodoo or magic there. As far as I know nobody gets adjusted Up in handicap index, only down if their net score(s) are too low according to the adjustment algorithm.

    Andy Farber

    thanks for the responses. that makes sense

    Glenn Foster

    I’ve never seen the adjustment go up, or back up once adjusted. I’ve been adjusted 1 or 2 times over the years. They were rotation yrs that I had played those courses numerous times through the tourney, so I was adjusted for last day both times? Regardless, I played pissed off/mad after adjustment both times. Curiously looking back at it, I distinctly remember had they left me alone in adjustment, I would have not broken either way.
    I played Wicked Stick, Sandpiper (Now The Hackler), Rivers’ Edge each and Litchfield Plantation; 3 out of 5 years. I was cutting the ball the same off the tee all week so predictably and I was net under par for 3 rnds, I wasn’t the only one either. We had flights of 100+ back then. ( Anybody that plays with me knows Ole Glenn’s a fader! 🙂 ). Doesn’t matter except if you know/play these courses often, it’s not nearly as hard to remember the hazards and bad places. Their formula is well defined somewhere for all to see, but if you’re honest with all score submissions, and you do have the “Literal Best Week Ever” just let it go, you did so well you HAD to be adjusted to protect the field? You’re next couple of years tournament index is gonna suffer also with good WA scores.


    Example below:
    Year Round Hdcp Course
    2022 1 14 Prestwick Country Club
    2022 2 13 River Club
    2022 3 14 Long Bay Club
    2022 4 13 Sea Trail Plantation, Jones
    2021 1 16 Burning Ridge Golf Club
    2021 2 18 Heritage Club
    2021 3 16 Legends Golf Club, Moorland
    2021 4 18 Carolina National
    2020 1 18 Legends Golf Club, Heathland
    2020 2 17 Wild Wing Plantation, Avocet
    2020 3 19 Diamondback Golf Course
    2020 4 20 Pawleys Plantation
    2019 1 18 Long Bay Club
    2019 2 17 Sea Trail Plantation, Jones
    2019 3 19 True Blue Plantation
    2019 4 17 Hackler Course @ CCU

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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