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    david tiano

    Scott, Jeff,
    For returning players.

    The entrant played in the previous year and has an established “World Am Index” that is lower than what has been submitted in the current year. The “World Am Index” is calculated by averaging the lowest two tournament differentials from the previous year.

    This falls in line with normal handicap format of the 50% rule. Last year most flights only had three rounds. If you use our two best you are using 66% of our play.

    I think you will have most people agree that this sample is unfair. You should be using all three rounds.
    Here is why,
    1. A player plays well and he has three good rounds then it is a handicap based on the whole tournament. No one can disagree with that handicap.
    2. A player plays well for two round but blows up on third round and probably finishes out of top 5. This person is pentized two years for one bad round. (Out of money last year and has to play to a lower handicap this year)

    Would like to hear back from WA staff on this please.

    david tiano

    I know this is a thread that will solicit many comments like Harry’s.

    I am not looking to have a complaint thread. Just looking to point out how unfair this years will be if this is used.

    I would also like to point out as I was reminded by playing partners and Harry. The conditions we played last year were far from normal. Shorter distance, lift clean and place through the green. Our flight was told on two courses that the bunkers were not in play and to drop outside bunkers.

    The WA staff has now created a situation that makes returning players at a disadvantage to new players.

    The WA handicap section should be waived for this year and we should be using our 12 month index.

    Jeff, Scott would love to hear from you.


    LOL David, actually I agree with you but my posts which are made with sincerity to fix the system is also done in jest. I like to make fun of my self along the way. I always complain about my handicap as does 110% of players. Have never heard any one say, “How Im playing well, take a few more strokes away from me.” I normally play to between 5 – 6 hcp. But that being said, I know I will be off 3.9 WAM index so I have been working hard on that. At the moment I am running hot and have my index down to 4.2 and anticipate that if I play well in a tournament tomorrow I might even drop below the WAM index which will bring a smile to their face.

    Hey I have no reason to complain. There are thousands and thousands of golfers who have participated in this event who will never get to the finals or win a prize. I have been to the finals twice so I am really in no position to complain but would hate to see someone one else miss out by a stroke or two due to an unfair restriction

    don rabb

    how do you find out your WAM index?

    david tiano

    The best way is to call.

    william shaw

    Not nearly as unfair as a first year player playing under his handicap two of three days and well under on one of the toughest tracks in Myrtle (Dye)..



    A handicap is about your potential, it is not an average of your scores. The USGA system does not use 50% of your scores until you reach 20 in your score history. The fewer scores you have, the fewer differentials they use to calculate your index. By using the USGA standard for this, we should technically only use your lowest single differential from last year if you only played 3 rounds. However, we made the decision to stick with average of the lowest two differentials for the World Am index.

    It is important to remember that we are not penalizing players for playing well. We are simply using all of the relevant information at hand to assign an index to each player that most accurately reflects their recent, ultimate playing potential for our golf tournament.

    Also, the only way the World Am index comes into play is if you have two differentials (in 3 days) that average out to lower than your lowest index in the last 12 months. That is not something that will affect a large number of people. If you continually have to play to a World Am index, it may mean that your actual USGA handicap index is inaccurate.

    We’ll miss you at Calabash Cup this year. I enjoyed having these conversations in person!

    david tiano

    Thanks for the response.
    Couldn’t make the Calabash Cup low on cash and low on handicap.
    See you in August and I would have preferred another method to voice my concern on WA index.
    Still think the 12 month index is the best thing you did with handicaps in the 10 years I have been playing. I am sure last year you had the lowest adjustments and disqualifications of years past.

    Still think that the conditions last year were far from normal tournament conditions. That is why I feel the way I do.

    Good luck with the cup this weekend. Maybe I will call you next week to discuss again. (Sure you will look forward to that). Ha ha

    Terry Cornelius

    Don’t feel bad, David. In 2014, I was reduced for having scored two Career differentials in 2012. Maybe the look-back period of only 1 year is brand new?


    Terry the use of 1-year history for your WA index has been in effect since 2012. From what I can see your only year using a WA index was in 2013 which would have pulled from 2012 alone.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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