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    Josh Wurzberger

    My latest revision after an ok tournament round saturday dropped me all the way down to a 5.2. I am so screwed in this years world am. I guess I will go flag hunting for skins. I have played good rounds lately at a course that you can sort of spray it left and right then still recover from. It has a slope of 137. It isn’t that hard. Handicap systems are so strange to me sometimes! Oh well I have a blast playing and I got lucky to win my flight in ’15 when I was a higher handicap. One more week till christmas for world am players! I love course assignment day!!

    Ryan Stratulate

    Don’t worry Josh, I’m playing over my handicap this year too! We are bringing a newbie to the tourney and he is a 6.5 (drops to 6.2 because we are Canadian) and we are too cheap to rent another vehicle 😛

    I’m willing to trade off my 99-97-95-98 scores with a $2000 skin. I’m also not the driver this year so the beers shall be flowing!

    I set out this year to get my WA index to become my real index and got it pretty close at submission time (8.4 real, 7.9 WA). Now if I can only get my home track re-rated as trust me it is a lot easier than the 112 slope it has. (lots of length, trees and bushes have been gone for years now).

    tommy seymour

    I too am playing over my index,but maybe can be respectable by tourney end ! NOW I know why we have THE 19th HOLE !!! Will definitely need to ease my pain after round ! Please have plenty of MAKERS MARK !! 🙂

    Jason CORUM

    I’m playing as a 7.1 this year. My August 15th revision is a 12.0

    If I can stay within the 20 over net I’ll be thrilled.

    Jay Seifert

    Ah-Ha! Here comes the complaining… LOL

    I don’t think that slopes can get much easier than a 112, can they? Normal is closer to 125, right? My home course that is a fairly typical Carolina course has a rating from the Member/Blue tees of 72.0/133 and 74.1/137 from the “tips”. The “old farts” (aka WHITE) tee boxes are 69.8/131! The “junior” tees are 66.4/118 so I can’t imagine what ANY course with a super easy 112 would even look like? Maybe a 5,200 yard par 68? LOL

    Ryan Stratulate

    Well I am not sure of the exact yardage but its a 67.5/112 at its current form. You know when you can slice your tee shot 2 fairways to the right and still come back with a simple birdie putt (even eagle chance) the course plays pretty simple. Back when they rated the course they had a nearly impossible par 3 . It was 230 to the elevated green, over 200 to carry water and OVER bushes surrounding the green, so no running up to it. I just like to whine about it, but honestly I wouldn’t trade it for a better one. I love hopping on my golfboard for a quick 9 holes in one hour or less, and the price cannot be beat (Membership went up this year $400 no resrtictions)

    So basically what I am saying is, I won’t get any “goat tracks” for my course in compared to my home course.


    I was 7.0 two months ago and within the last few days have dropped to 4.1. You watch and see, by the time I get to the Beach I will be a scratch.

    My last 5 Tournament rounds have been 71, (75 with a quad), (81 US Senior Amateur), 73, 74

    Look out for Rule 35, Im going wolf hunting

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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