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    Jason Moore

    Scott so we are down to 50 people needed to submit!

    benny shepard

    What is the deadline for course assignment

    Ricky Napper

    Should be able to impose a slow play penalty, 1 stroke off your handicap after the 24 hours once email is sent , then 1 stroke for every 12 hours after that.


    No, unfortunately, I said 50 people will miss the deadline.

    John Kufrovich

    No need for penalty, just bump them into the fun flight.

    Paul Puckett

    So what is the deadline for submission of handicaps?

    Mike Cheeseman

    Today at 3:00

    Ricky Napper

    Sorry for my bad attempt at humor. Wasn’t seriously recommending a penalty.


    With how competitive people are, moving to just for fun could be worse than losing a stroke! *EDIT* And no need to apologize Ricky. If they don’t get their handicap in and they don’t fit in the flight they should be in, they’d be dropped to the next flight that can accept them. So they do risk penalties. Get it in on time!

    Bill McArdle

    Is there even many that sign up for the just for fun ?

    Mike Cheeseman

    Well the deadline has come and gone. Bring on our courses.

    Mike Sigmon

    It sure got quite in here guessing all are in now…
    Heck I just had a bad thought like mine didn’t go through when I summit-ed it and Scott coming back and saying I got everyone but you…

    James Bohlman

    Tough job – I ran tournaments at our Mens Club and only 70 members…we still get those that are late.
    Scott – been playing this for more years that I can count – you all do a yeoman’s job. you all deserve an “atta boy”!…okay…maybe a little more…but you all do a good job.

    Scott Greenwell

    I think the deadline for handicap submissions is way too long as it it is. You know way in advance that the 15th is the deadline. If you can’t have it in by the 15rh then you play scratch. Unless you are turning in the round of the year in the 15th then your low for the year isn’t changing. Why does this have to take several days for people to submit? I’d like to hear a legitimate excuse…


    I did exactly that Scott my low for the year was 9.4 and that what I turned in on Saturday the 15th but I played well in my senior champs Monday Tuesday which dropped me to an 8.8. I contacted the handicap committee inform them to reduce my yearly low that possibly could have put me from one flight to the other. don’t want a DQ so I was trying to get ahead of the curve

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 31 total)
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