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    Mark Paglia

    When is handicap verification and course assignment happening?


    Jon Craig

    On 8/15 the last revision is in. They send you a form via e-mail. You give them your low 12 month index and some other info. On about the 21st you get your course assignments.


    Dont forget that you have to SELF POST last years rounds. The WAM doesnt not post 3200 x 4 scores it would take forever. The responsibility is yours. I have actually saw someone DQ’d last year when it was deemed that they falsified their handicap by not posting last years good rounds.

    Just a work of advice so you can avoid any embarrassing situations

    Jon Craig

    Not only that make sure and make them tournament scores. I post when I get back to the room. Also make sure you use ESC. I’m between an 11 and 20 so 7 is the most I can take on a hole. Harry being scratch can only take a double.

    Joe Busch

    Gotta stop playing rounds till August 15th, index is down 5+ strokes and falling fast…

    Terry Cornelius

    I think it’s too late, Joe. Pretty sure you get your lowest handicap over the last 12 months.

    Joe Busch

    Hey Terry,

    Yeah, I know but is amazing how much better I am playing right now, just hope I can keep it up. Almost every score I have recording in the last 6 weeks has knocked my index down 1/2 a stroke. I just have to make sure that game shows up in Myrtle.


    Bill Hambrick

    Joe just keep playing, but play by yourself or find a course that does not have a slope and rating. Those rounds can’t be posted. lol

    Henry Zeberkiewicz

    Joe – Be careful. Remember if you play well you get an adjustment and if you play very well you get a DQ.

    Richard Reid Sr

    I have played several years, super senior now 78. I have never seen a handicap raised because
    one score is much high. Why do they not adjust handicaps upward———-.?

    Jay Seifert

    Richard – Not certain if you may have been trying to joke or not but a Handicap is not an “average” of scores. Rather, it is a representation of the BEST you are likely capable of achieving. That definition in and of itself is a clear indication of why scores are never “adjusted upwards” because to do so would be the opposite of this benchmark’s objective.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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