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    Wayne Rhodes

    The handicap verification email is somewhat misleading in that it states you will need:

    * number of scores posted in the past 12 months;
    * number of tournament rounds posted in the past 12 months;
    * date of your most recent score.

    Getting this info would seem problematic for those of us who use GHIN, since I can see only information for the CURRENT year.

    However, having just successfully filled out the form, it is actually much EASIER than the email would have one think.

    It involves CHECK BOXES and RANGES rather than precise numbers.

    Thus the number of scores for me was “more than 20.”
    Number of tournament rounds was “more than one.”
    Date of most recent score was “after July 1.”

    I hope postubg this info will ease some minds and preclude some calls to tournament headquarters.

    Bill Hambrick

    Wayne I have GHIN and you can access the previous 12 month’s rounds.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Would like to have gotten a confirmation email that reflected what I had entered. (Especially since it was noted that we should NOT call the TC office to verify)
    Had I been able to do it off my computer, would have been different.
    Instead, I submitted mine via my cellphone while I was sitting the doctor’s office this AM.


    1,250 indexes submitted so far. Keep them coming!

    Jay Seifert

    Can’t find my “local chairpersons” phone number on the handicaptracker site. Left msg on WA VM. I think this was the case in 2015 as well

    don rabb


    i had the same problem. they told me to put n/a there

    Wayne Rhodes

    How does one do this, Bill? I can see only the most recent 20 scores, even when I go to the “Reports” section….


    The thing that is slowing the system down is when Billy Handbrake tried to put his index in all that sand fell between the keys which caused a system over load.


    Wayne – go to ghin.com and click handicap lookup. Then type in your name/state. It’ll appear top right corner of your profile that appears.

    2,066 handicaps submitted. If you know someone who hasn’t, they’re keeping you from knowing your courses!!

    Victor Chiofolo

    Hi Scott

    Can we get an update on how many handicaps submitted?

    Victor Chiofolo

    Scott any update?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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