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    Daniel Rousseau

    Hi guys great year again thanks to every one.ok here we go again is There a way for every one to know whats score not to shoot to be ajusted some do we all eared the story before four putted the last hole couple or my partners got ajusted after the therd round it help me finish first probably fleight 18 it happen to me one year i Play 76 the last day never play that before i was really pround of my self that day i would never four put at that time when from fourth place to ten i thing if there was way to every one to know it would egal the field opfully you anderstand what i mean my english is not to good

    Rick Kimbrell

    Daniel, I am not with WA Committee. And, yes I did have a hard time understanding your question but from what I did understand, you seem to be asking what score you should not shoot to keep from being adjusted.
    Golf is an honorable game. We are supposed to try and play the best we can. Once you are on the course playing and let’s say all you have to do is make par on the last 3 holes in order to shoot 76. But, if you think by shooting a 76 you will get adjusted so you decide to intentionally 3 putt 2 of the last 3 holes so you can shoot a 78 and not get adjusted….you are cheating. Simple as that. Granted it would be hard to prove but it is against the nature of the game of golf itself. And, it also tells me that you handicap is inflated to begin with. Play the best you can every time you play, post every legitimate score whenever you play and play to your real handicap. Don’t try to manipulate your handicap or your scores.

    Daniel Rousseau

    thanks rick my thinking was use the rules of handicap golf to your advantage usually knowing the rules of golf will help you in the game golf,like i said the day i played 76 i was proud of my self for the way that i played,just like the 81 i had this year to win really work hard for it was great felt great to be able to hang on i thing i was 4 shot back after 10 or 11 hole and the leader had a couple of bad hole so i finish first ,so thanks to clear this up for me

    Tommy Briggs

    As Rick mentioned golf is a game of honor, played by people of honor, there is no place in the game for using the rules dishonestly

    Would you really want to win knowing you had to break the rules to win, or would you rather just play your best with honor and finish wherever you finish?

    Bob Newman

    Golf is a came of Integrity and Honor. The Rules are set up for the game to be played that way. I can not understand why some one would want to circumvent the rules to win something you do not deserve. My goal every time I play is to shoot the best round I can and I am proud to post that low round as I feel like I have accomplished a milestone. Unfortunately some do not play this way nor do they post their low rounds and that is why the Committee for any net event has their hands full trying to make it fair. Do some get punished for shooting a career round, YES. But if everyone plays by the rules as they are written in every round they play then the likely hood is less that they will be in the bracket to get DQ’D. You know the rules of competition when you send in your $$.

    ron hubert

    You are right . The game should be honest the problem is not everyone is.
    I have played in this going on twenty five years and have seen just about everything .
    The staff as a hole dose a great job ,but can only do so much the problem is
    A person who goes out and shoots a great round on day one. And you shoot two over your handicap and you are 12 strokes out.
    Most of us come down to play to have a great time and to win . The problem is you go out and shot for every pin on day two to try and gain some strokes.I do not know about you but that is the hardest thing for amateurs to you now shoot 10 over and are now 18 strokes out .only thing left to do is play for skins.
    We will always have big swings in the # of strokes the leader shoots under par. In my twenty five years I have only finished in the top 5 once and the leader shot 2 under his handicap for four rounds it was a great flight .
    Well I have run on long enough,

    Ron H

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