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    Michael Linthicum

    I know sometime around August 15th we are going to have to submit our handicap to the WAM. How is this going to work with the new WHS system that updates daily. If i play the day after i submit my handicap and shoot a horrible round and may handicap increases, is the WAM gonna freeze it and go off of what is submitted

    Lindy Sullivan

    I hope I’m wrong, but I think they will still use your lowest in the last 12 months? I haven’t read otherwise, but maybe it will be different.. after a knee injury and inability to play for a while my handicap is no where near my low, but it’s still fun!

    Mike Sigmon

    What about tournament play this year with everyone canceling their tournaments will you get a reduced handicap if you fail to get any tournament scores in this year ?

    Rick Kimbrell

    Whether they use 12 months or if they can only use since January 1st…the way it has been in previous years…once you submit your lowest handicap for the time period, you will play to that handicap unless your handicap drops substantially after the date you turn in your handicap. So, if you turn in a 20 handicap index and by the time you get to MB, your handicap index is now a 15…you best report it to the WA Committee. Otherwise, you could face DQ. I am sure Scott will give you more details but just stating how it has been in past years.


    This year will again be a low H.I. Rick is correct the data can only go back to Jan 1. We are still working through the Aug 15 question. Either way using the Low. H.I that situation will be few and far between. The reductions for lack of history is also likely to be modified.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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