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    john wolf

    Wanna let everyone know that I just got word that harry Radley wife passed away last night. Please remember harry and his family thru this trying time.


    Thank you John, I am no going through what your recently went through and its tough but many many good people here have send king words. For those who knew or met my wife she was a super nice lady who would do any thing for any one and went way too soon.

    Funeral services for Bonnie Leigh Radley will commence at 6pm on Wednesday December 28 at Newcomer funeral home 925 Hana Ave indianapolis. The showing will be from 4pm till 6pm. http://Www.newcomerindianapolis.com to sign the guest book and order flowers

    Bob Newman

    so sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are there for you. It is never a good time to loose someone especially a spouse. I do not have a clue of how one could handle this. Be strong, be brave and know that a world of people are there for you.

    Bill Hambrick

    Harry so sorry for your loss. God Blees

    jim mcdaniel

    Harry, we are sorry for your loss. Our prayers are there for you. The next time you are coming to our area please call me.
    Jim McDaniel


    I’d like to personally thank the management and crew at Myrtle Beach World Am, Jeff, Scott, Ryan and Cory along with Dave Esqueda and his wife Della. A special thanks to The Vegas Myrtle Gang, Todd DuBois, Randy L Minchew, Brent J Olson, Jay Campbell and Paul Butursis for their lovely bouquets. In addition to this I really appreciated several guys from Heartland Crossing Golf Club for coming to the service to personally give me their kind wishes. Also thank you to the many family members and attendees who knew Bonnie Grenat Blackledge Radley who took the time to say goodbye by writing on the poem canvas. It’s been a hard week but with you guys support that has helped ease the pain. Thank you very much

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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