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    David Liese

    My brother and I will be attending 2021 World Am for the first time this year and was wondering best way to lock in hotel reservation and if there are special rates for tournament participants?

    Dave Liese

    adam peterson

    Hotels and car prices are crazy right now..the world am Rate for the Hilton doubletree is a pretty good rate..

    Tommy Briggs

    David I recommend you check out VRBO, for a week long stay with the added convenience of a kitchen I have found it is a better value and almost always the same price as a hotel would cost or even a little less.

    adam peterson

    Those are same if not more money right now..crazy.

    Tommy Briggs

    Adam for Q School I stayed at a “vacation resort”, Harbour Lights resort. It is a time share type hotel/condo, with a full kitchen, two separate bedrooms each with a bathroom. Four nights $448. I was so impressed I tried to book it for the WA, they told me they were sold out. I spoke with the manager and pleaded for a room, she told me there was nothing she could do. I went on VRBO and guess what I found, Harbour Lights, same type of room, for seven nights, $552.00, I was so excited I booked it immediately.

    I had been looking at VRBO since last year’s WA hoping to find a room, and sure enough as you said the prices had all gone up considerably, so you can imagine how happy I was to find the Harbour Lights room for less per night than I paid for the same room for Q School.

    The only thing Myrtle Beach has more of than golf courses is condos, so I do expect some rooms to open up and prices to come down a little once people realize they are not going to get rich renting their condo for one week in August.

    Rick Kimbrell

    You can check out World Am rates at the link above.
    We booked the Doubletree again this year.

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    Mike Cheeseman

    I found a 2 bedroom 2 bath unit at Myrtlewood for $600 US. We used to stay at Barefoot for $600 Canadian. It was a Canadian who owned it and gave us a great deal. He has since sold it so I went on a search and found the unit at Myrtlewood. I will probably book it year after year now.

    William Morrison

    I got a good deal for a 2 bed room with a full kitchen at the Caravelle. 5 nights for $365.

    Terry Cornelius

    If you don’t mind paying a little extra compared to suggestions, I have always liked to book in oceanfront high rises from the northern end of Myrtle Beach, up to North Myrtle Beach. It’s nice to be able to go walk in the water any time you like, as late as you like. Places with a little lower price include Prince Resort in North Myrtle and Caravelle or Caribbean in Myrtle Beach. Some of these places do feature a World Am rate on the Accommodations tab of the Already Registered tab. I booked the Avista this year, as I’ve wanted to check it out for a few years. Kinda pricey. especially since I need a 3BR condo for my group. But, a poolside bar is a must for my wife, and 3 bathrooms in the 3 BR condo is a very nice plus.

    William Zeoli

    Hi David- It’s good to know that you are only going with your brother, because this is a good deal for those who are a bit adventurous. Each and every year I go to the World Am I discover how many vacancies there are all along the beach in Myrtle. I’m quite serious here. Two years ago I arrived day early, found a wonderful unit at a big time beach hotel and paid under $100. Two other guys I met there paid about 50% of the listed price for a four day trip. I realize it is a bit scary to go with no reservations, but understand the date. It is the quietest week of the season in MB. Last week in August with the upcoming Labor Day weekend crowd not yet in place. I am coming with 11 other guys and we have condos, but if I were with just one other guy you can be sure that is the way I would go. No, the beachfront hotels do not advertise cheap rates that week, but sign after sign says “Vacancies” and the pricing reflects it. Just a suggestion.


    I have a 5 bedroom beach house inside Ocean Lakes already booked and I have a spare Room with 2 beds looking for 2 others to jump in and join us contact me if interested cost will be $250 each for the week. 317 652 6063.

    Bruce Friend

    At the moment I am a single and would be interested if you only need one. I assume you mean in the Ocean Lakes campground area. I keep my eye on this board so if you can’t find two guys, just leave another post sometime in the future. Thanks.

    Stan Mahaffey

    G’day David!

    We have had one of our players have to cancel due to unforeseen work issues. Therefore we have a room available in our 8 bedroom condo on the beach in North Myrtle Beach. There is a pool & jacuzzi on site as well. The cost is $475 for 8 nights (Friday 27 Aug to Sat 4 Sep).Perfect for two people to share and beats a hotel room!

    The group is made up of long time participants, mostly military vets. The room Has 2 beds and it’s own bath. Pictures are available here:

    IF you a have questions or would like to join us my e-mail is

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