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    I still havent decided what flight I will enter. Sitting on the fence at the moment.

    Who here in flight 11 or 12 will be moving to the Snr Gross Flight.

    Let me know your thoughts, pros, cons, who is playing


    OK OK OK, you got me, you got me, you got me. I will play in the Senior Gross Flight. Go ahead take advantage of this broken down old man with grey whiskers and uses a 7 iron as a walking stick.

    So if this is a non handicap event, then how do you calculate my WAM index for 2018 ????

    If I end up shooting four scores in the 90s and then have next year off can I return in 2019 with a 19-20 handicap


    You’re now in there. Your World Am index will still calculate the same. Enjoy!


    Had a good day on the course today in preparation leading up to the Myrtle Beach World Am. I shot a 1 under par 71 which included 5 birdies. Will be playing a practice round on Sunday at Crooked Stick and on Monday I will be trying not to make a fool of myself when I will be playing in the US Senior Amateur

    jim mcdaniel

    Harry, i don’t see how you could make a fool of yourself…..that ship has already sailed….


    You are right Jim the ship has sailed, unfortunately I missed the boat. I always seem to be the tiny row boat trying to catch up, then again every one tells me that I’m a little dinghy.

    Ricky Herman


    I thinking about it because what Scott T said the Gross and 1st Senior flight will be together this year
    I was in the Flight 10 of the seniors last year and want to hang with the group last year. I hope Eddie Rowland is going to Gross flight. Plus I will see Jeff Stapleton Friday at Hersey and we will talk about the gross flight. I still plan on doing skins in these two flights. Plus the Par 3 Contest. I want to get into Friday a Brunswick if there is room. Call me at 301-524-6190..

    Rick Herman

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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