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    James Carter

    Hi Scott. Just wondering how we are looking with getting in all the handicap verifications.


    It was 175 left this morning.

    James Carter

    Happy to call and bug some people…lol

    Jason CORUM

    I say DQ them and make everyone else happy with early course assignments.

    Aaron Ellis

    Or just make them play Scratch!

    chris kogut

    175 as of this am isn’t bad! !! Maybe we can get them tomorrow like last year! !!!!! What do you think Scott

    tracy polk

    Hello Gents and Ladies. First timer from NJ. Does anyone think the course lineups will be out before Monday?? I’m dying over here!!!!!

    Ken Delaney

    Last year they were released on Aug 22 around 5pm EST (Sat before the Monday they were promised). So with any luck we will have that or better this year.

    I don’t recall how many people were still trying to get verified, etc that week before.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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