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    Carlos Csicsmann

    Participation in Skins Flight 15 & 16
    – Participation is for all four days (no exceptions)
    – All money must be given on the first day before the end of the day Monday
    – Entry is $20-$20-$20-$40 cash only ($100.00)
    – Must text your intention to participate before the start of your round
    – We will be present by 7:30am Monday standing somewhere around the putting green to collect money until 9:00am. (Cash Only). We will remain at the course until all money is collected by those who couldn’t pay before our round begins.
    – At the end of each days round send a PIC of your SIGNED scorecard. Must send PIC by no later than 7:00pm each night. (No exceptions)
    – Failure to send a PIC of signed scorecard before 7:00pm will result in forfeit of your score and will not be included in the daily results for the rest
    of the week. (No exceptions)
    – Winners will be notified by text to pickup their money the following morning.
    – You must win the hole outright with either a natural Birdie or Eagle. Any two or more participants making a Birdie of Eagle on the same hole will CUT the hole with no winner for that hole.

    – Website is setup to view results of skins with score detail for each participant. (https://www.tgaatour.com/WorldAM)

    Carlos Csicsmann

    Sorry folks, I forgot to include my cell number to text your information. Just follow the link included in the original message for details. Thanks

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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