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    Dale Craig

    As the title states and as Scott as indicated that this year we will be assigned tee times vs shotgun starts. As someone who has previously run the skin game how do we go about running a reasonable skin game this year? I never minded getting to the course early and signing up the players and even would do it daily for those guys who would only pay daily vs for the whole week.and then staying after the round for a couple hours sometimes to collect the scores. Now I can’t figure out a way to organize the game without either missing people or not being able to collect scores without missing guys. Unless I was in the first group out every day so I could stick around for hours afterwards, this is gonna be a hard year to do it. What are the thoughts on how to run a skins game? Using this board would be a good start but I’m pretty sure most people never even look at this BB.

    Bill Hambrick

    Dale I ran the skins game in our flt last year. I don’t like having everyone have to pay for the whole week but that is what I did that way I only had to look up the winners each day to pay out the skins. It worked pretty well. Hope this helps.

    David Baker

    Bill, I agree with Dale. It is more of a challenge to get to everyone. It wasn’t as large as in the past but I was able to get a pretty good turnout. Spent more time at the course, but in order to make it work, was required. Hopefully will get a later tee time and that way I can talk with more people. I went with the $100 for the week, 20-20-20-40. It is really hard to do it day by day with Tee times.


    What I did last year was once the flights were announced I posted a message on the board here stating the cost for the week and that people could pre pay with paypal, zelle or venmon. I also had two signs made up and placed them on the 1st and 10th tee with the instructions to text their intentions to enter prior to their tee time. time stamped by receiving a text message.. Last text birdies dont count and to pay at the end of the round. I collected money up until my tee time then waited in the club house until every one finished.

    This year I will be moving from the 50’s to the 60s so I will be hoping someone will be running it for me this year hopfully rejoining up with Ricky Herman and Jeff Stapleton

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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