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    Tyler Beevers

    Did I hear correct on the Rules Webinar that a tee shot that goes OB will only be stroke plus distance and the new rules will not apply? Of course a provisional could be taken but let’s just say I didn’t realize it went OB from the tee…once I determine it is OB, my only option is to go back to the tee?

    Tommy Briggs

    The new OB rule will NOT apply, you have to take the stroke and distance penalty.

    As always in this situation a provisional ball is allowed

    And yes if you discover your ball is OB your only option is back to replay the shot

    Rick Kimbrell

    The part of the 2019 rules where you can drop the OB ball in bounds, take a 2 stroke penalty and play on is not a USGA Rule. It is an option for a Local Rule within the USGA Rules. The WA has elected not to adopt this Local Rule.

    Wayne Rhodes

    This has always been the rule and is the same for a lost ball (except when the new Local Rule is in effect). SO when in doubt as to whether a ball might be OB or lost, please hit a provisional ball to avoid having to come back to the original spot. (And be sure to ANNOUNCE that you are hitting a provisional or else the “provisional” becomes the ball in play.)


    The bad part of the rule is that if you hit a provisional ball and then you find your ball and determine it’s unplayable with no drop situation that can help you, there is more wasted time back to the tee box to hit it a third time. I’ve had this one before. Of course, the 2nd ball was right down the center and I had to pick that up. One of those tee shots you really didn’t want to hit again.

    Bob Newman

    The pressure of having to put a ball in play under Stroke & Distance is part of the game of golf and in my opinion, is the reason why the new local rule is not used in tournament play. When in doubt, I always play. Provisional as I see little benefits of a bad shot costing me an additional penalty stroke.

    Rick Murgittroyd

    Don’t look for the first one! šŸ™‚

    Bill Hambrick

    Or the 2nd or the 3rd pick take a 9 and open another beer and keep going

    Bob Newman

    But keep in mind, Iā€™d you do not look for a ball that might be lost, your opponents can look for it, and if they find a ball, the player has to identify it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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