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    For starters this not Justin, it’s his lawyer.

    Golf is game that if you play enough hopefully you get better at it. Justin Eldred played in flight 10 and got DQ’d for shooting an 87. For starters, he just started playing golf a little over 2 years ago. And being in Ohio you don’t have a full year of golf to play. And the fact that he has a self employed job in waterproofing he doesn’t have much time to practice. Imagine running a jack hammer all day and picking up chunks of concrete all day by hand, loading them in buckets and walking them out of your basement all day. He thinks he is getting nerve damage in his arms. And yet he still wanted to come down with his uncle to play this event.

    POTENTIAL: He come into this event as a 21.6 and shoots 93-103-87 which would have vaulted him into first place by a whooping 2 shots. He gets the call from Ryan Hart to congratulate him on his good round and tell him he is no longer eligible to compete for any prizes. So let’s get this straight, he doesn’t get adjusted, but, an automatic dq? It’s statistically impossible he is told by the Ryan. He just did it, so I guess it isn’t impossible after all. We don’t know what his potential is. He is still new to the game. Everyone hopes to improve. Why wouldn’t they give him a chance to compete? He is playing Pawleys Plantation today from white tees and a 140 slope. I shot 90 there a couple years ago in flight 3 or 4 and still finished in the top 5 that year. So potentially he could shoot 120 there today. He isn’t going to be in the 80’s or even the 90’s if we’re to bet on it. I’ll take the over on this one. All he can do is play it out and see if he could have won his flight?

    Did find out that his handicap dropped from a 21.6 to a 19.7. So he would still be in flight 10. It’s pretty bad on the World Ams part that they come up with these handicap rules and all I see and hear about are players that know their system to back off and throw a few strokes just so they can win their flight. And all I can do is laugh at that.

    There are a lot better events than this with top notch courses to play. We got Lions Paw. Enough said there. Myrtle Beach is really becoming a disgusting looking place to come anymore. It’s getting run Down. I’ve been coming for this event 18 years and this is my final year. If you were to rate this event I would have to say 2 stars at best. It’s become a complete joke of a tournament in my opinion. Handicapping process needs looked at hard. The new WHS system changes every day. Maybe you should make them, too. Instead of ruining someone’s vacation.

    Rick Kimbrell

    So, does he have you on retainer for these situations? Tell him welcome to the World Am.


    Speaking for Justin, Justin Eldred shot 99 today at Pawleys Plantation. The winner of the flight shot 92. In flight 10? I shot 90 as a 6 handicap in my flight there a few years back. I was in 2nd place and only dropped to 5th in my flight. I think it was 3. My nephew gets DQ’d for 87 at Diamond Back. Andrew Stephens wins the flight with a 92 net 69? Sorry….. that’s more statistically impossible than my nephews 87. My nephew feels a little better knowing the fact that he wouldn’t have won his flight even if they didn’t adjust him. Why does the World Am DQ honest people? You really should rethink your thought process of allowing the computer to spit out DQ’s and start asking the players that play with them what they think. Justin talked with several of the guys in his flight and they all said that was a B.S. move on the WA’s part. He would have finished tied for 2nd which means he would have ended up with the 5th place spot because of the other guys coming from behind losing the tie breaker. This is why people don’t come back for this event. While others throw strokes intentionally on the course so they avoid the adjustment or watch list. And we all know it happens. Several people I talked to seen it happen and admittedly told me they did it themself. All you can do is laugh about it even though others won’t see it that. All i know is in my flight over the years when you get to the single didget handicaps its hard to do that…. well at least in the 49 and under anyways.

    Chris Sterner

    Hello Justin’s Lawyer/Uncle,

    As an esquire, you might be unaware of how golf handicaps work, as I don’t believe they are a required part of passing the bar in any state. Although they might want to add that in FL, SC, and MI. That said, you must have a firm understanding of logic and reasoning.

    A golf handicap of 21.6 indicate a golfer, who at their very BEST, is capable of shooting somewhere between 95-100. Golf handicaps ignore the highest scores, taking the lowest 8 differentials of the golfers last 20 rounds, and averaging them. They might have some 25 or 28’s differentials, but those are ignored for the Justin’s best scores, which according to him before the tournament, put him at a 21.6.

    Justin’s 87 at Diamondback was on a course and at a teebox the USGA has rated a 71.2 and sloped at 133. That score differential is a 13.4, or 8.2 better than his handicap. The USGA recommends any scores over 7 differentials better than a players handicap bs thrown out, as the odds of them occurring are astronomical. So tell your client Justin to either buy a lotto ticket this week, or stop bullshitting his handicap.

    Cheers, and we’ll see you next year!

    Raymond Blank

    Guys Guys
    Y’all need to stop 🛑
    The people that run the world am do a fantastic job.
    I played in flight 42. Now mind you I only played 9 rounds of golf this year and shot horribly
    My handicap is 15 and I shot some awesome rounds this year. LOL
    A 91,91,91,98 WHOO Hoo!!!!
    I come to this tournament to meet new people and maybe make a few friends
    On the last day we had (I Think) 10 or 12 people shoot anywhere from a net 66 to even par72. By the way. Congrats to Mr. John Sear? For winning and playing on Friday for all the marbles. Good luck my friend. I will be watching the live board to see how you do. Thanks to All at world am and see y’all next year. Ray

    John Mudrock

    I also noticed in Flight 10 the guy that was leading the 1st day shot a 83 which netted him a 63. He happened to be the lowest net of everyone in the whole tourney on 1st day. The committee did the proper thing in disqualifying that guy after his very 1st round. Let’s hope the committee continues to weed these guys out.


    You can’t us ed a probability chart on a player that is only a little over 2 years into the game. That’s ignorant. Your handicap isn’t the same every day of the year is it? Justin told me after day one, these guys suck as bad as I do. He meant that respectfully of course. He got really comfortable playing here. It helps to play better the more relaxed you can get. This is his 2nd and last World Am. He shot 99 today. I told him to play it out and he did. I gave him some incentive. Told him I’d buy him steak dinner if he broke 100. BTW he would have finished 5th in his flight. Who cares that much about a $50 gift card? Makes a whole lot of sense to pay $500+ to win a $50 gift card. And you really think he would cheat to do that?

    I will tell you one thing we learned during this trip. Justin is the best 21.6 bunker player in the world! He got out of every bunker he went into this week. I use to tell him get rid of that 60 degree wedge. Now I’m telling him don’t ever pull that club out for another one. We hardly even have bunkers here at home. I know for a fact he doesn’t practice it.

    Probability charts? Your really not allowed to shoot better here at the World Am? That’s not really your thinking process, is it? You will never come close to winning your flight with that kind of thinking. You lost before you even started. Stay in your box, boys. These charts are for a perfect world where no one will ever get better or hopefully worse. Complete crap. You know they finally changed some rules for the betterment of the game. DQ an honest player for shooting the round of his life isn’t in the best interest of the game. I guess the only guy here that deserved to win played in the gross flight. The rest of us must be cheaters.


    Jeff you were removed from this bulletin board a long time ago for creating multiple usernames and we’re going to have to do the same again for this account in your nephews name. If Justin, and only Justin, wants to have further conversations he is welcome to do so with us himself.

    Aaron Ellis

    Hahaha Got Em!!! I got rerated one year, definitely wasn’t happy about it, was the best round of my life in the World Am, but stuff happens, I sucked it up, and still come back, won my flight last year and got a Top 5 this year! Learned to be proud if you get dinged for having a crazy good round instead of pissed off! But I also dropped my handicap each year and was down like 3-4 pts this year, work hard, be honest!

    Lindy Sullivan

    I’m no expert on handicaps, but in my personal opinion I feel it would be much easier for a high handicapper to have 7-10 shots lower than their average on a particular day (better feel that day, lucky bounces, conditions, ect) than it would be for a 4-5 handicapper shooting even or better.. someone only playing for two years in my opinion should not be just instantly dq’d.. adjusted yes but don’t tarnish a good day and vacation experience bc someone had a great day on the course, that we all strive for.

    Aaron Ellis


    It’s also a lot easier for a high handicap to bring extra sand with themselves, a low handicap has no reason to, a person whom is a 4 is probably just missing a few extra greens than a scratch or his proximity is further away, it’d only take a good day of ball striking or a hot putter for them to shoot near or even par!

    Scott Greenwell

    It sucks to see someone get disqualified when they are simply trying to do their best and there is no mal-intent. That being said, keeping a handicapped tournament fair has to be one of the greatest challenges in this game. Fairness is dependent on accurate handicaps and if your playing history doesn’t allow you to have a truly accurate handicap then maybe the Just for Fun or Gross flights are a better option.

    Mark Hancock

    Scott: I miss all of the good action on the Bulletin Board. Please don’t DQ Jeff from the Board. It’s good entertainment.

    Ron Zietak

    Why can’t we be grouped within 3-4 strokes of each other and just play gross within the flights or have a low net & low gross winner in each flight. Look back over the years and see how many 10 or less hcps have won the overall. I would also suggest that at least for the single digit 60-69 seniors that we don’t play any course under 6,000 yards. The large majority of us play 6,200-6,600 yards on a regular basis. We can still hit the ball pretty well so we don’t need to play from a distance where driver is taken out of our hands even on many par 5’s. Just my 2 cents. I still had a wonderful time and met some great guys.

    Greg Carr

    This year it finally happened to me. Shot a gross 69 on Tuesday at Myrtlewood(Pine Hills) as a 2.5 handicap and got adjusted for the entire week, even Monday’s 82 net 77 at Heritage Club. I asked the young fella at the convention center that if someone shot a bad round on day one then the WA was not really going to allow them to get back in the tourney. He said “yup”!! After 7 years in the WA I thought there would be a little subjectivity involved? Go back to past years and see how a player has performed? I have always had a pretty good round and 3 somewhere between okay and stinkers!! But they do make you feel like a cheater with their actions. The last thing I am is a cheater. Maybe I should have signed up for the Sr Gross division, but this was my first year in the 50+ and wanted to play it as I had the previous years. By the way, my last two scores were complete stinkers, mostly by my own hand….but feel the committee had a hand in it some too. IF I decide to return it will definitely be in the Gross division, to at least take my fate out of a computer and the committee’s (Yup) hands. Poor showing WA. And Sea Trail Byrd was a disaster!! Would be embarrassed if I was the pro but he could’ve cared less.

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