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    I am placing myself on the injured reserve list for the next 2 months hoping that I will be fit and ready for the world am come August.
    Injured myself first day of play at Q School founders club hitting off a hard sand in the waste path area. Jarred the tip of my elbow which is elbow slowly getting worse to the stage where I cannot hit the ball more than 60 yd without pain.
    Shooting in the nineties isnt fun. Going to see a sports specialist and doctor this week to get a cortisone shot and see what I need to do but the bottom line is not much golf for the next few months Until I am able to compete fully hoping to make it back to 100%

    Billy Burwick


    I hope you get well soon.
    Your right shooting in the 90’s isn’t much fun but it’s still better than 100!
    I shoot in the 90s often! 🙂

    Hope to see you at the WA!!

    Rick Kimbrell

    Good luck Harry. I have been hoping my arthritic hands would get better for 2 years now but no such luck. Hope you find something that works for you.

    Mike Cheeseman

    Rick, believe it or not if you drink about 2 shot glasses of sour Cherry juice ( Montmorency cherry) you will feel 100% in no time. I had a buddy with bad arthritis and was going to give up the game. Now when we play we walk 18 holes twice a week. He is 74 years old and now acts like he is in his 50s he also comes with me to the WA every year. Give it a try you will be totally surprised. Google it.

    Mike Sigmon

    Hey Harry,
    I feel your pain I to am on the mend was at a Christmas party in Dec. and where we was at they had a dishwasher to over flow and I slipped up and fell thought I was on and Ice skating ring.
    Anyway I ended up with a bad rotor cuff tear. Had Surgery Feb.10 so haven’t hit a ball in 5 months the way the Doc talks it will be sometimes next month maybe before I get to play.

    Hope your elbow gets better those cortisone shots do work wonders !!!

    good luck

    Mike S

    Mike Cheeseman

    Rick that is two shots every day.

    Bob Newman

    Mike good luck with the rehab and recovery. I had reverse replacement in October 2019 and played on WA 2020 at about 80%. Do everything they tell you to do in rehab at the pace they tell you. You can’t rush it. My doctor told me that a replacement was was a easier recovery that a tear. Take and have a good recovery.

    Lee Hooper

    Mike is that two shots straight out of the bottle ( concentrate ) or do you mix it with water?

    Mike Cheeseman

    Lee if it’s concentrated then mix it with water. Give it about a week or so to take affect.

    Mike Sigmon

    So Rick give us a update on how the sour Cherry juice ( Montmorency cherry ) is going for you I’ve got a buddy I copied and pasted Mike C post to you and sent it to a friend of mine….

    Mike Sigmon

    Well Doc released me this morning and after not being able to do nothing but putt for last 6 months you know I had to go and see how bad it was going to be…after playing 5 holes and seeing I was not going to screw up something in the shoulder I did start to swing a little better at it but can see for sure I’m going to have to put in some serious practice time over the next few weeks

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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