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    Aaron Ellis

    How many teams entered International Pairs and where will the leaderboards be able to be seen at?

    Ken Weatherford

    They should post the pairs soon. Leaderboards I am not sure of whether that was in the app or not. I think since it is a result of final calculations for daily scores of both players, I would think the standings don’t get posted until the last day, if at all. I believe I found out at the end, in past years. Maybe someone else can comment on that part.

    Scott Greenwell

    They have a scoresheet for the pairs competition every day just like for the flights. You used to have to go to a booth to pick them up but the past few years they have been in the same area where you get the flight scores.


    The pairs done randomly will not be released until the morning of Monday. We let people sign up all the way through Sunday night and pair Sunday night. Results are nightly in the Club Choice Ireland booth and online on the website on the pairs page.

    Ken Weatherford

    Thanks Scott!

    Josh Wurzberger

    This will be my first year playing in the pairs. I hope I didn’t waste $50 LOL

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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