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    David Bey

    I was looking back at the 2022 results and noticed how many players shot way above their handicaps. I wonder if players are used to taking gimmies on the course or not playing by the rules and counting every shot? My guess is that at least half of the field submit a handicap that actually should be 2-3 strokes higher. Someone advised me to make sure I was playing the ball down and putting out on every hole – it has sure made a difference in my game. I’ve played 25-30 of the MB courses and generally shoot a little higher than my handicap (TPC for example). I guess it’s possible some players struggle with the heat and grind of 4 days of golf in August or implode on a few holes and post a big number. This is my 1st time at World Am and I want to set reasonable expectations and enjoy the experience.

    Billy Burwick


    Last year was my 1st year. It was my first time in Myrtle Beach and between the heat and humidity and Putting on greens that are very different from home made for a interesting time.

    There’s nothing like grinding over a 2′ putt to save bogey knowing if you miss it your going to have a 3′ coming back for double.

    I had a blast and can’t wait to get back and try to improve my finish from last year.
    No expectations other than having fun!!!

    Hope you have a great time, I’ll see you in 30 days!!

    Scott Porter

    Handicaps are always a topic of discussion. Yes, I think a lot of people come down with handicap’s that are lower than what they actually play to for the reasons you referenced and more. Many people play their home course only, this affects their index number when they play a course they have never seen or played before. Many are used to putting on bent grass greens that tend to be slower than the Bermuda at the beach. The different ball flights of the golf ball at sea level instead of where others are used to playing. People who play a variety of different course tend to have a handicap that travels better that someone who only plays one or two course regularly.
    Just my thoughts.

    Bruce Friend

    This is a topic of much conversation I have had including my friend Scott above. A couple of other issues with elevated scores is not mentally prepare for longer rounds. You are not going to finish in 4 hours and lucky if you are done by 5. If you can’t handle long rounds and let it get to you, your score will suffer. Have witnessed it many times. In addition, before a few years ago, there was no max score. That has destroyed me on a couple of rounds including me being in the running for winning my flight and then taking a 15 on a Par 3 at Caledonia. Very funny story but what a freakin disaster. Lastly, if coming from a different part of the country, please be aware you will lose distance being a sea level and the wind. Many players just can’t or won’t adjust to hitting more club.
    Good luck and have fun.

    Tom McCain

    Hey David, welcome to the World Am!! Have fun, play the skins, meet a lot of folks. Only 38 folks have won this event, so just have a good time!!

    Billy Burwick

    The grind of 4 straight days in the heat and humidty is a grind.
    80+ degrees with 80% humidity can feel opressive at times.

    The only thing I know is that I will have fun playing golf and I will get to see the friends I met last year.

    My only real goal is to Not come in last in my flight. Other than that It’s all good.

    David Bey

    Thanks for the excellent comments and words of advice. I live in Charleston, SC so I’m way too familiar with the heat and humidity of the south. I’ve played 3 days in a row several times over the summer just to get used to what it takes to get and stay hydrated over several days. You can’t wait until you’re on the course to start hydrating, you need to start hours before the round.

    I wasn’t aware that there is a max score (is a double par or vary by handicap)? I hope to avoid doubles or worse and look forward to having a blast.

    James Carter

    Hi David. Welcome to the world am. You will really love the experience. They instituted a max 9 rule a few years back. It did help speed up play a bit, and it really cut back on the high numbers.

    Paul Campbell

    David – I am a relative newbie too, with this year being my third trip to the World Am, but the one thing others didn’t mention is nerves. Even though we are not playing for millions, or on TV, I found for myself and some others I talked to, you can get nervous for lots of reasons – playing with people you’ve never met, competition, wanting to do well, wanting to shoot your handicap, etc. Add in all the factors above and for those with an accurate handicap its hard to shoot it even once in the week! So far, in my eight rounds at the tournament I have ranged from one lucky round of net 4 under to a net 20 over. And those were two days apart in the same week.
    Best of luck, and just soak it all in! Its a complete blast.


    Short answer is Yes and for a multitude of reasons. Best advise is to forget that you are in a competition hit the ball record your score and move on to the next hole… Simply play and have some fun.

    Historically my best rounds have been the 3-4th days after I have already pressured my way out of the competition due to trying to hard.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Lots of excellent comments. Another factor in higher scores I find has to do with approach shots into greens. Lots of folks play courses where the ability to hit bump and run shots up into the green is common place. I find more often that courses in MB require you to fly the ball into greens. You have to hit over bunkers more often. This can easily add 1 or more strokes to your score on any hole you fail to hit the green.
    Welcome to WA. Come enjoy all that the WA is about.

    John Tantillo

    2 more tangible reasons why people (including me) shoot higher in the World Am. One is the bermuda rough–if you are not used to playing out of 2″ deep bermuda you will certainly lose strokes trying to hit long clubs out of it. Sometimes you just have to hack it out with a wedge and move on. The second was mentioned by Rick Kimbrel about approaches. At my home course if I underclub and land short of the green I typically have a chance to pitch for an up and down par, bogey at worst. In Myrtle there are many greens fronted by water, so those short shots are at least a one shot penalty and probably 2 depending on how far back you have to drop.

    Martin Reinschmidt

    I have not been to the World Am since 2011 and a coming back this year. I have seen a couple of posting referring to the implantation on a max score you can take on a hole in the tournament. Will this be in effect this year and what will that number be
    This is an interesting development.


    Tom McCain

    Max score of 9 was instituted several years ago to help pace of play. Should be in play again.

    David Bey

    John you are correct about the Bermuda rough. With the almost daily t’storms, the rough in SC is nice and thick. If they set up the courses for 60-69 age group 5400-5900 yards, I might be teeing off with my 5-wood on any par 4 under 340 and narrow. Can’t wait for the 28th and the fun to begin.

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