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    Played at Legends today and it was a complete joke with the noodles cut too high. We had at least 6 good putts just fall into the cup hit the noodle and bounce out. We are talking about single digit players who know what they are doing it unfairly skewed the total result of the day it is ridiculous the way it is set up. If I have my choice I will have the flag removed every time. Is it going to be mandatory that we cannot touch the flag


    Yes it is mandatory. We have communicated with the courses to keep them low while also providing the ability not to touch the flag stick.

    Carlos Csicsmann

    Will we be allowed to inspect the noodle prior to putting and press any of them down if we can?

    Matt Berry

    True Blue has the cups upside down which works well

    Aaron Ellis

    If you play the Norman Course at Barefoot, good luck with the pool noodles, they sit above the top of the cup themselves and maybe a half the ball will sit in the cup, firm putts will bounce out of a few holes, the noodles need to be trimmed down at least another 1.5″, plus the bunkers haven’t been raked in a while!

    Bill McArdle

    Can only speak for the group I played in today at Barefoot Love. No issues at all with balls not staying the hole.

    benny shepard

    Played @ TPC today. They have pvc pipe which worked very well. No issues at all

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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