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    Bruce Friend

    No doubt in my mind you will have a great week, Billy. Here are the facts as I understand them.

    90% of the courses will be in very good shape with a couple having some rough spots. I’m only concerned with 3 potentially being in bad shape and hopefully they get the conditions to be acceptable. The rounds will take 5 hours at a minimum to play. As one gets older, the ability to accept rounds that aren’t 4 hours in perfect conditions like their home courses while prices go up year after year is hard to swallow upon first reactions. But these are the same issues discussed every year. As a newbie, you are more willing to accept it. I’m not a newbie but I also am willing to accept it finding this is my favorite week of the year.

    Stay excited, play well getting your game in shape, be a good playing companion, don’t worry about things out of one control and enjoy the moment are the secrets to a happy golf life.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Billy Burwick, welcome to the World Am. Let yourself have a good time and you will. And, if you do, you will be back.
    Bruce Friend, good post. Hope to see you and Billy at the Convention Center.

    Billy Burwick

    Thank you everyone I am really looking forward to it.

    I will be prepared for long rounds. My game is a mess but rounding into shape good thing I have 66 days or so to get ready.

    Just got a crazy deal on a rental car so keep checking if you are looking.

    66 days to go and looking forward to meeting some people and playing golf!!!

    Christopher Smith

    The only thing I see is that recruitment for younger golfers is just not present. 99% of every golfer I talk to when I golf has NO idea this tournament exists. They are all interested when they hear about it from me, but generally, these are one-off encounters at golf courses around the area where I live.

    There needs to be better advertising. Look into sponsoring tournaments around the country or sending information to local golf courses to distribute to their members. We’ve got to get the younger crowd coming back as I’ve noticed over the last 9 years is an ever-shrinking younger crowd. That needs to turn around for it to be a lot more competitive.


    I agree with C. Smith. I am in Maryland (8) hour drive from Myrtle and 99% of the people I talk to about the world AM have no idea that a tournament such as this even exists.

    Which is said because 85% of those people already go to Myrtle beach for there annual buddy’s golf trip…

    Christopher Smith

    Seems like word of mouth advertising isn’t generating the numbers we used to see. We need to reach younger golfers to keep this going.

    Scott Porter

    It would be interesting to know what capacity the WA committee thinks they could accommodate for the tournament right now with the course availability. In the past when the participation for the WA was 5000 or more golfers they had a lot more golf courses in the area, with all the closed golf courses in the MB area in the last 5 years it could be difficult to grow the event much larger.

    Rick Kimbrell

    If I remember correctly, it was said that 5000 players was a bit much for the convention center. I really think the committee is happy between 3000 and 3500. I think the MB area still has ample golf courses to host 5000 or more.

    Billy Burwick

    This is def not the end. I am a 1st year player and if I have a good time I will be back with friends that are already talking about next year.

    Sure some people will drop off but there are always going to be newbies like me too.

    3200 people when the economy is down and gas prices are high is pretty good.

    22 days to go!


    Billy you seem like an interesting guy would love to meet you when I get down there I’ve been playing for 11 years but This year will be bringing three 1st timers with me. We have 2 tee times at World Tour Golf on Sunday and looking for an Looking for another single at 12:39. if you could fit it in would love to have you join us

    Chandler Wells

    My $.02… A great friend of mine moved down there 6-7 years ago and now I stay with him while down there. Year 5 for me, always play crappy but look forward every year to the week in Myrtle. Make a bunch a memories with a 1 or 2 great shots and enjoy meeting different people from all walks of life, and from all over the World! I take the course conditions for what they are as my entire flight plays those same conditions, and truthfully we get at least 2 if not 3 solid tracks anyway. We always make 1 trip to the CC, but NEVER MONDAY!!! Food is above average and the drink selections being free adds all the value.

    For the new guys, just relax for the week, try to play some competitive golf, make a friend and enjoy not being at work! You will want to come back…and for $600, I feel it’s a great bargain!

    P.S…This tourney is going anywhere, and the WA Team does a great job with so many players and venues!

    Billy Burwick

    @Harry(TheHack) I would love to join you my only issue is that I have a fantasy football draft that I have to be online for at 6pm that night. Are you sure you want me I am a 24.5 atm.:) Joking I can move it along even when sucking!!!

    19 days to go! I am so excited. It’s always fun to meet new people and play new courses.


    Billy you should come and join us we have another player who was the 1st timer Darrell and he is a 27.5 and 66 old we will have A-blast. Our tee time is 1239 so I can’t see why we wouldn’t be finished by 5 PM giving you plenty of time to get online for your draft. Ourselves by the way planning on going to Senior Frogs at 6:30 for dinner with a group so we will be finishing as well. If interested give me a call (317) 652-6063

    john wolf

    Just a simple note to put out there….if you really think the wa committee has much say at the courses you need to rethink. The courses here operate on their own to make a profit.


    The Legends courses aren’t included this year? My best friend played Moorland last year on Tuesday and 6 putted the first hole after looking at birdie. Ouch. We are planning to play it on Sunday(the day before we kick off) just so he can try to get revenge. Is there a reason they aren’t included?

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