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    Tommy Briggs

    Let’s assume for a minute, we are not able to have the 19th hole or even if they have the 19th hole you do not feel comfortable going, would that keep you from participating in this year’s World Am?

    For me I am more about the actual golf, the 19th hole is a one night I stop by but I personally can take it or leave it.


    We plan on going to the 19th hole on Monday night, then take in a few shows like Pirates & Legends on Tues/Wed, returning to the 19th Hole on Thurdsay Final night

    Regardless if they have a 19th hole or even a Tournament I and my family will be there. If the worst possible thing happens and there is no WAM, I will be looking for a few others who just want to play golf and we could arrange our own little Tournament to run.

    I am sure John Wolf and the Brickyard Dog would be in for something like that

    Aaron Ellis

    I go to the 19th hole just about every night! Regardless count me in Harry!

    Robert Hudd

    Many big sponsors depend on the 19th hole. Without the 19th hole, would the World Am lose the financial backing of these sponsors? If so, would the World Am be able to be held?

    Glenn Foster

    All, it is a “good deal”!! You get to experience local restaurants, golf supporting industries inside the center selling auxiliary golf stuff. Accommodations & packages available for future trips… these vendors have been reduced since I first came down in 1995, but this is purposeful from both sides of the tournament. M.B. is a fully year round destination. It didn’t use to be this way because the tournament was set up for a low census period before almost everything shutdown for the year/season after Labor Day. Hotels don’t need our business, restaurants stay open all year, golf courses are year round packed due to closings over the last 20 years and the sponsorship used to be Dupont and the reach of the World Am was huge! 7000+ golfers was possible, but 5000+ was common. the convention center was nothing like it is now!
    No tables for eating on, no bands, poor food choices but rarely families inside either! A little “seedier” for a bunch of golfers for a while.
    Appreciate the great choices for the deal of golf & food everyday for all. It is a very good deal; in my opinion!

    Rick Kimbrell

    Glenn Foster, I could not agree more. My first year was 1988 and I have not missed a year since. What goes on at the Convention Center now is worlds different now than it was back then. I used to go to the CC a couple of nights and that was it. Now, we go every night.

    Kirk Roberts

    I don’t really care how much it has changed but I do enjoy going to the 19th hole to see old playing partners. It is like a reunion to me. If they don’t have the 19th hole I believe I will wait till this virus issue is cleared up.If I just want to play golf over there I can get a golf package and play some very nice courses for a lot less money.
    I know they will do their very best to provide a enjoyable tournament but with all the possible restrictions I am waiting to enter even though I have already paid for a condo. I can cancel that without loosing my money. But I don’t think the tournament would refund my money just because they couldn’t have a 19th hole.

    Mark Hancock

    I have never been a big fan of the 19th with the long lines and crowds. I usually attend it one night during the week and really only did so to play in the putting contest and hit some pitches and that set up. I will say that I enjoyed talking with the vendors and always bought a few dozen of the Snell golf balls when they attended (didn’t come in 2019).

    What is important to me is the golf tournament and competition and the rest of it is just gravy. The 19th Hole is not a deal breaker to me.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Check your email guys/gals. Announcement has been made about 19th hole.

    Scott, really hate that y’all were forced into such a decision. I totally understand. Looks like our entire world is going to be different going forward for a long long time to come. Thank’s to you, all of your staff for all the effort that is required and the decisions you face and deal with. Hope to see you in MB.

    Scott Porter

    I love this tournament, I sign up to play in the first hour entry is open every year. I promote it to everyone I talk to as the best bang for the buck in golf, with out the 19th hole that is not the case. This may be the year I stay home, I can play a lot of great courses for the entry fee.

    Ian MacLean

    This is my 21st year and I hate that the 19th hole is being cancelled due to COVID-19 but this will not stop me from playing the WORLD AM. I live in Hawaii but coming to Myrtle Beach every year is such a blast and over the years I have made a lot of friends down there. I will have to try more of the restaurants that always are at the 19th hole (even if it is just take out). Hopefully there will not be too many cancellations and people will still support this great event. Scott, thanks for all your efforts, Ian MacLean

    Tommy Briggs

    This is the absolute best outcome for me. I only attend the 19th hole one night during the tourney and only stay long enough to walk around and check in with the vendors. $435.00 for the World Am without the 19th hole is a great deal for me. (Can we do it again next year?)

    Michael Linthicum

    Will there still be the random drawings that happened on Thrus. night??

    Bob Newman

    This is pretty much what I expected to happen and probably the only option that was feasible. i will miss that nightly Friendly’s Ice Cream but I do know a couple other places to go. I will miss catching up with a couple of regular vendors but can get everything from them on line. The staff did a good job with the way they handled this and I am glad that I was able to add to Scott’s repertoire of phrases. I have been using the 7 P’s probably longer than he has been around. I’ll dig out a couple more before we ‘TEE IT UP”


    Yes Michael! We wouldn’t take that away from you!

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