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    Jon Craig

    Do they give better courses to different flights?


    You normally get 1 x A, 2 x B, and 1 piece of crap course for each flight. A few years back I got what I thought was 4 good courses. I just hope that I get four different courses each year. I only ask that they put a bit of thought into the harder courses for the high handicappers. Not saying that the high handicappers should get the crappy courses, its just some courses are just too hard. A few years back a buddy of mine 68 old off 30 hcp played Rivers Edge. Great course to play with your buddies but this course does not set up well for high handicappers with fairways and hazard. miss the fairway and you are in 20 foot deep mud. He came back at the end of the day and said. “We had no business being there on that course, the low round of the day was 115”. Its kind of a lottery that they try to even out each year, its a hard task to please every one and they do a great job. Cant wait for this years surprise package

    david tiano

    Also they split it up in location so all four are not south or north.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Joh, bear in mind “piece of crap” course in MB may well be something nice if it were anywhere else. A bunch of years ago, lots of people who came to WA and got a course that had bermuda greens thought they were getting a crap course because the greens weren’t bent. Now, a big majority of the courses have gone away from bentgrass greens.
    Several years ago, I got Barefoot Norman. Normally a very very nice course. That year they had no greens and had put about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of sand on top of them. You simply could not putt them. To me…that was POC, or more likely a POS, course that year. Does not matter haw nice the tees, fairways and bunkers are if the greens are unplayable.
    But, yes, normally you get the 1 A course, couple of Bs and a C. You will get at least one South end course, one North end course, one centrally located course and the other could be anywhere.
    Remember that when we play, school has already started. Some of the courses are not on main arteries but are on local roads where you can encounter school traffic. Always leave early enough to allow for construction and school traffic delays.
    If we have 9am tee times again this year…it will be great because it takes come of the school traffic pressure off.

    Louie Phipps

    TO THE STAFF…while I was reading this post a thought came up. Since all but 4 flights (I think that was the number) were rained out in the first round last year, why not assign each flight to the course they had the first day last year? Assuming that your handicap this year is close to last year’s and also assuming that we wind up with the same number of flights as last year (should be close to it even though numbers are down slightly for this year) the chances are that a high percentage of players would wind up with the same course assignment on the first day. The positive on this is that we would get to play the course we missed out on and if you still have the rain check for that course you could use it for a practice round. If nothing else it would make the opening round assignment process a little easier for the staff..just a thought……………..

    jeffrey nardone

    Some people might not want to play the course that they got rained out on. i don,t

    Bob Newman

    I doubt the courses would want that either–that $$ has already been spent. I had Tidewater and I will play it as a practice round regardless. Was going to play it on vacation but forgot to take the raincheck, watch me forget it this time also LOL

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