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    Jason CORUM

    Where are the handicap verification forms. Ghin has already updated our handicaps. Come on WorldAm lets get it together.

    I’m sure this is Ryan Hart’s fault. I can just tell by looking at him he’s a slacker.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Got the email at 6:59AM CDT. Filled it out, well after about 10 attempts to connect to WA website (%$#@ 503 error). Now, just waiting, and waiting, and waiting…on course assignments. 🙂

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    6:69 AM???

    Rick Kimbrell

    Yes, Scott….I kept trying to edit it and keep getting the 503 error, Server Unavailable. I can correct my own mistakes if you just let me in…which I finally got in.


    Jason Corrum kept an ID 10 T error

    Then realized he was trying to log on to the Kurig

    jim mcdaniel

    Logged in at 9:55 and finished at 10:01……no problems. any difficulties must be OE.

    operator error

    Jason CORUM

    First time I tried it, came back server error. Refreshed and went right on.

    Phil Ingleburger

    Got my notice @ 7:00 CDT and had it returned by 7:20. I guess I was lucky not to get an error. I must have got started before the other thousands did.

    Aaron Ellis

    I started around 10:30 est and even had to give them a quick call for an answer, which was handled quickly over the phone and didn’t hardly wait a minute for an answer and was done in no time with no issues!


    We’ve got 1,700 so far!!! You guys rock. Keep them coming!! Tell your friends if you ain’t first to submit, you’re last!!

    jeffrey nardone

    Its 7PM No problems no errors hope my game goes the same way

    Bill Majercin

    update my form today around noon. no problems at all….

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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