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    Tommy Briggs

    The World Am is still the best golf tourney going, for it’s size there is not even close second, in fact I do not know of anyone else who even tries to run a tourney of this size.

    I think tee times were a big improvement and I for one hope we can use them going forward. It was nice not having to fight for driving range or putting green space.

    For those who received adjustments or even DQ’s, the precedents for these decisions are located in the USGA Official Rules of Golf and the new WHS, the WA has not created any new rules.

    I have argued against the 19th hole and its value since I started playing, however I now appreciate it’s value and I actually kind of missed it.

    The staff is top notch, no ifs and or butts about it. Think about the total number of butt holes relative to the number of total number of golfers and it quite amazing we have never had a staff member or volunteer arrested for battery. Despite the fact I think it would be ruled justifiable.

    The golf courses are wonderful, yes you are going to get one occasionally that is less than pristine, maybe even should be avoided, but they are necessary to balance out the fee. The bottom line is we all have to play the same course. Every once in a while we find a hidden gem that may not make the top ten list but was a real pleasure to play.

    The gift bag, random prizes and daily prizes are a nice touch, and no I don’t play Saintnine golf balls either but it was the idea of the number of prizes.

    I am glad the WA took over the pre tourney games, it made it easier to set up the whole week.

    There are some players that will use any opportunity to bash the WA, but if you feel that way, stop coming. I spoke to quite a few people who played the WA for the first time and were completely pleased, they will tell their friends and the WA will continue to increase the number of players once this craziness calms down.

    Speaking of the craziness, it was nice to see most players respected the course rules and their fellow players by wearing masks and being cautious about space.

    I have always found in life if you look for what is wrong in anything you will find something wrong. If you look for what is good you will also find good. I think Scott and his staff and volunteers do an outstanding job and I think we are all very fortunate to have them. See you in 2021.

    Mike Cheeseman

    Nice touch Tommy

    Lee Hooper

    I liked the single cart and threesomes but would like the shotgun start. This was a great golf tournament with all the mess that is going on.


    You are 100 percent correct.

    Thomas Vigilante

    As a first time participant, I agree with a lot of the original post.

    Starting on hole 10 4 days and enduring 2 9:30 tee times (last group in flight both days) and ensuing 5 hour rounds, I say keep the tee times.

    I personally preferred the civilized start than deal with the confusion, crowds at range and putting green and time taken to drive halfway across the course to start on hole 13 which is a par 3 with 185 yard forced carry and then drive all the way back once done with 12 that go along with shotgun starts.

    Well done in these crazy times WA Staff and thank you, I look forward to 2021!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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