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    James Carter

    Hey fellow duffers. How do you stay energized for the back 9 when you are playing in heat? We all know how the heat in Myrtle Beach can drain you. Just wanting some tips. See you at the beach.

    Dale Craig

    I bring a small cooler bag with ice packs and plenty of water and Gatorade. I also bring a couple packs of crackers or snacks and a banana. As a diabetic it is important to keep in balance health wise while in the heat. I also don’t waste more than a few minutes on the range beforehand and during the round I rarely make a practice swing before each shot. Unless it is a difficult lie, I rely on my swing to repeat itself and all those practice swings just add up to additional fatigue and sweat.

    Jon Craig

    I think I would really screw up without my practice swing LOL. Dale has good tips, I would add one of the neck cooler cloths. They last for at least a couple of hole, also the misters(with or without a fan) feel real good. Last thing FIND SHADE to park.

    Terry Cornelius

    Start drinking a little more water than you’re used to this week. Get your body used to staying hydrated.


    Also diabetic, to keep my core cool as possible I put grapes in zip lock freezer bags and freeze them. Eating frozen juice/water filled grapes various times during each the round cools me from the inside out.

    jim mcdaniel

    I take 2 cold and 4 frozen Gatorades, along with 2 cold cut sandwiches. While I drink one, a frozen one is thawing in the cup holder. I also take peanut butter crackers and trail mix to snack on. I eat a sandwich after 6 and 12 holes. Keeping hydrated and energy levels up helps me play in the heat. It doesn’t help me play better, it helps me not play worse.

    Scott Springer

    I put Jack Daniels in my frozen Gatorades. Hydrated and lubricated all in 1. Make it a double if it gets 90+ degrees

    Bob Newman

    Jim, how does yor body handle 6 gatoraides in a round??? I would looking for a bathroom instead of a green.LOL. SERIOUSLY, what would you charge to make up some “grab bags” of that same mixture. You could make some $$$$$$.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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