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    George Yocum

    I have to say you are the Joke.

    “It is a freakin joke Is there no integrity in this game at all?”

    You actually think 2-3 other players that were randomly paired with someone and likely are from different states and even countries. and Now you question their integrity…that they

    Would allow someone to cheat in the middle of the fairway just to cause you pain because you
    are so good.

    Please go away with this stupidity and look in the mirror, usually people that think that other people have no integrity.
    and ultimately they are the one’s with little integrity and cheating and they are the PROBLEM. Yes I know their are always some issues but they are a minority.

    Mark Hancock

    I’m with George. How do you know the ball didn’t finish on the line? In my ten years of playing in the WA, I know the other players wouldn’t have allowed that kind of cheating.

    Mike Sigmon

    As far a someone not taking a divot when hitting a 2nd shot I’ve seen a ton of people that almost never take a divot so yea it’s possible that someone did hit it on the line and you could not tell they ever hit a shot from there…
    But what gets me is the winners of the final rounds on Friday I’ve seen 9 handicaps shoot 1 or 2 over par gross to net -7 to -9. Almost every year the winning person has a handicap range from 9 to 30. The person playing with a 0 to 3 handicap does not have a chance playing against these people you don’t get a 0 to 3 handicap by posting wrong scores. I’m not saying some of these people do not need a 9 to 30 handicap I’m just saying if you go back over the last 5 or so years maybe even more I just looked at these but how is it that these folks always have a round on the final day to win the trophy with a under par round of -4 or more for each of these years. When a 3 or 4 Handicap wins there flight they play the final round with a 1 to 0 handicap but it seems the 9 to 30 have the same handicap they play Monday – Thurs. with and it seems that no adjustment are ever made to there handicap once winning the flight they seem to play the final round with the same thing they play Mon – Thurs with. IDK

    Rick Kimbrell

    Why does there have to be a mark on or near the line for it to be legit? I played with a guy who came close and he hit a big looping hit the probably rolled 10 to 15 yards left. Never landed near the line initially.

    Mark Hancock

    Rick & Mike: I agree with your comments and don’t know why someone assumes cheating without knowing any facts. That’s very pessimistic and I prefer to believe the best in people and the ability of the playing partners to protect the Field.

    Mike: I’ve noticed that the final winner usually shoots around 67 or 68 so that lines up with your comments. I can’t speak about the ability of low handicappers not being able to win, but I believe the WA has had some low handicappers as winners in the past. I also noticed that a 10 handicapper shot a 74 in the finals and was DQ’d, which is embarrassing. I hope the 2nd place winners in that flight got moved up to first place.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Mark, I too would be interested in knowing what happens to the 2nd place flight guy. Not surprised at the DQ at all.

    Charles Gray

    Seems funny to hear anything about Integrity coming from Harry the Hack! Your cheating ways were finally exposed, 2 years too late. Was it really worth it Harry? I’m guessing that it was a very long drive back to Indianapolis this year. Again Harry, was it really worth it?? Haha….

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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