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    don rabb

    I saw that yesterday they estimated that there was over $100million in lost productivity due to the eclipse. I would like to see what the amount of lost productivity is for the World Am. I look at the bulletin board and all the posts during the day. I am sure everyone is out practicing this week and if they are not they are sitting at their desk making a list of what to pack and thinking about next week. It can’t come too soon!


    Ah yes, short timers disease. I for one plan on being quite productive this week, I slipped out of the office today and was being productive on the first tee by 3:00. I will also be similarly productive on Friday, and then the drive begins on Saturday. Is it really golf or just a variation of work places when you receive and send e-mails throughout the round?

    Joe Busch

    Too many things to juggle…hourly check of 10-day forecast, mapping out courses from condo, pick out outfits for each day, packing list of essentials, get to driving range each night, list of things to buy at golf store….

    Scott Porter

    Monday morning it will be GOLF. In my our of office reply (which has been set for 2 weeks) says that I will not have access to emails or phone calls for the whole week.

    Tom McCain

    A bad day of golf beats a good day at the office anytime.

    Scott Porter

    Every day of the week.

    Jay Seifert

    Apparently the productivity drain was so significant in the formulation of this post that the ‘o’ was lost in the title of this thread! LOL

    Happy to report that there will be no productivity drain at my home as I am Myrtle Beach bound in the morning! Woo Hoo!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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