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    Just wondering how the lowest handicap will be determined?
    It does say in the FAQ’s All participants will play to the lowest handicap index revision of the last 12 months.

    Currently my Index card specifies a Low Index: 16.8, however as I review each of my recorded revisions over the last 12 months it shows the lowest at 17.1.

    I know 0.3 is not much but it could be the difference between receiving a whole extra stroke on any given course.

    Please advise,

    Tommy Briggs

    Before the WHS was implemented it was pretty easy to see your revision history for the last 12 months. The lowest revision over that 12 month period would be your World Am handicap.

    Now that the WHS has been implemented, you can only go back to Jan 1, 2021 to find your lowest revision. What ever your lowest revision is since Jan 1, 2021 is the revision the World Am will use for any tourneys you register for.


    Tommy that is not accurate. When WHS rolled out in Jan 2020, all data was reset and that meant only being able to go back 8 months for World Am this past year. But now that there will be nearly 20 months of data since the change to WHS, you’ll be easily able to find August 2020-August 2021 to find your lowest in that period which we will utilize. William you can see in your own profile 16.8 from Feb of 2020 (currently) which if the tournament were tomorrow is what you’d use.

    Tommy Briggs

    My bad, serious senior moment, I was thinking the WHS was rolled out this Jan instead of last year.

    It’s hell getting old


    Scott T. That is interesting.
    When I look back at my revisions I am showing 17.1 for Feb 2020.
    1.16.2020 – 17.1
    2.16.2020 – 17.1
    2.17.2020 – 17.4

    Is there somewhere else I should be looking?


    Update: I contacted Maryland State Golf Association about my LOW H.I. Handicap (www.MSGA.org).

    After reviewing my last 12 months they stated that there was a discrepancy of some sort and currently the correct Low H.I. should be 17.1

    I am still confused to were the 16.8 is coming from since I am unable to see that information anywhere on my end. I should be receiving an email January 28th to set up my GHIN digital Profile. Maybe then things will make a bit more sense.

    Tommy Briggs

    William the way I understand and have seen the WHS work, you could have a 17.1 revision. You then shoot an 85 which drops your HI to 16.8, before the 1st or 15th your posted scores bring it back up to a 17.1, so the 16.8 is essentially “hidden”. The WHS adjusts daily but posts bi-monthly.


    I can see how that could happen, and should that be the case. It would help if the WHS would somehow call out the day/month that the low H.I occurred; by doing that it would help to clear up any confusion.

    Ie. On 5.5.2021 your low H.I changed to ……. or something like that. 😁

    Thank you for the information.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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