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    Just registered for the March Championship next year and looking forward to playing in it for the first time. I just have a few questions for the organizers.

    1. Being my first time do I play off my current GHIN or will I be restricted to my WAM hcp

    2. Are you taking your low index for the previous year and if so from what date

    3. Is there still time for me to sandbag and boost my Hcp prior to the event

    In addition to this, on a serious note, I have pre booked a 4 bedroom house inside Ocean Lakes and have a spare room left for anyone who wants to jump in with me and few other guys. Just contact me if interested. ( Broken down old man with grey whiskers and no golfing ability )

    Denny Burch

    Harry – I’ve played in the March Championship, the Fall Classic and the WA the past two years and *so far* the WA is the only tourney of those 3 that has used a handicap from the previous year’s tourney. Otherwise they appear to use the same criteria, which is the lowest index revision in the last 12 months, or your current index. The index you submit is also subject to reductions for the usual reasons, such as a lack of tourney scores, etc.

    To sum, unless they change handicap criteria this year your WA handicap will be irrelevant. As for the last revision date, just guessing but it will probably be 2/15 given the tourney start date.


    Harry – We’ll be utilizing your lowest 12 month index from 2/15/16 back to 3/1/15. World Am scores will not be utilized.

    Bob Newman

    Scott– (1) would the years not be 17 and 16—remember you are dealing with old guys here and are easily fooled–LOL and (2) where can I find info on the March event– yes I did look on home site but am having touch time finding anything on ineternet lately (3) Please send me your email as I need to ask you something


    Here is the link to the March Championship http://marchchampionship.com/

    Being that there is only two courses. Does the WAM run the skins events

    If not, does any one run a skins event

    If not I will be only too happy to run a skins and side pot event for those interested


    Yes, typo on my part Bob. My e-mail is scott@golfholiday.com.

    We’ll run a skins game in-house for everyone Harry.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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