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    Dan K

    Is the max score of 9 on a hole still in for 2022

    Mike Cheeseman

    I wouldn’t see why not.


    In my opinion it should be increased to 10 strokes instead of 9. I have several friends who play in the higher divisions who have regularly score 9’s with nights some of them being allocated 3 strokes on some holes. If that particular hole is a par 5 and they make a double digit score then they can record a 9 with their 3 strokes which is a net bogey. While at the same time someone else in the group has a legitimate 9 but only getting 2 strokes and will record a net double bogey. Doesn’t seem right to me


    To make it more handicap equitable and to actually speed up play wouldn’t it be a better idea just to put the maximum as DOUBLE PAR

    Tony Robison

    I don’t see anywhere in the rules/regulations that they are having a max rule this year (I could have used it 5/6 years ago when I had an 18 after hitting 8 consecutive balls out of bounds on the only hole at Barefoot with an out of bounds, finished with an 18 on the hole. Couldn’t stop hooking the ball even when I changed clubs. It was embarrassing and funny at the same time

    Walter White

    Then max 9 was was started in 2019 to help pace of play.

    Bill Hambrick

    It was a few years back and I watched a golfer take 22 strokes enroute to a 33 on a hole. That is one of the reasons they put this in. They decided to do this because of all the complaints about speed of play. Now people are complaining about this. You just can’t make some people happy.


    I introduced a buddy to the world am a few years ago his 1st hole was at TPC and he couldn’t get over the water hazard ended up taking a 19 on his 1st hole of the week. That ended his enjoyment for the next 4 days. He hasn’t been back since. Enough said.

    Billy Burwick


    Are you talking league play or WA play with the Pops?
    I just assumed the flights were played straight up at the WA. Am I mistaken?

    In general I think this is a good rule. The Womens league that plays opposite my mens league plays everything out with some Ladies taking 15’s. I always wondered why they took so long to finish. :/

    9 or double par always seems like a good time to pick up!

    Sorry for the Newbie question.

    66 more days!!!


    That was several years ago before they introduced the 9 Max. One round they had the over 60s and over 25 handicaps all playing at river’s edge took this edge took nearly a 7 hour round. Lol. A triple Bogie 8 took a skin on hole 9. my buddy lanyard came back to the condo shaking his head saying they never had any business being on that course

    Billy Burwick

    I am a 25 ATM it’s been going the wrong way the last 4 weeks and I would be happy to play Rivers Edge but I am only 52 though.

    I could see a it being 10 but if your putting up a lot of 9’s does it really matter your not going to be in contention.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Billy, when you say “flights played straight up”…are you saying flights assigned and then everyone in that flight plays to their gross score? If so, that is incorrect. You play to your assigned handicap within the age bracket/flight you are in. The tournament, except for the gross division(s), are all NET.

    Billy Burwick


    Thanks for setting me straight. I will buy you a drink in 66 days!!

    Rick Kimbrell

    Billy, I will hold you to it. Look forward to meeting you. I am definitely looking forward to 9 or 10 days of golf.

    Glenn Foster

    You Know, I don’t have a problem with the max 9 rule really. I don’t establish a handicap that way and I think that’s a little on the unfair side in handicap submissions, but rarely do I take that number nowadays. (I had a 12 on The Hummingbird Course my 1st year, 1st hole in 1995, and I think that was my highest ever? Had my shares of 10’s earlier on when a 15+ handicapper)
    I think it should just be a +3 on a hole then move on though. A par 3 can be a killer if people can’t carry all water to greens that are surrounded by water and over is also penal, if they overclub to carry?
    Just think if the maximum handicap in the tournament is 36 in this ( and it could be less) this triple bogey option instead of 9, could be viable as an alternative.
    I’m like all us “double digit handicappers”, I can par 4-5 holes on a side, then throw in a big number of +3 or +4, a +2 here or there and then I’m back to bogey golfer. Maybe if we looked at per hole over par instead of hard 9 always, it could REALLY make the rounds faster. People want to “make my 9” instead of giving/taking the 9 and sitting down. Just a thought.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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