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    Bruce Agee

    Will there be a max 9 score cap this year as it was at last years tournament?


    Hoping so to assist my good buddy Jumbo Asakawa. His average performance from 5 attempts has been finishing in 42nd place. BUT. This year coming into the tournament on a smooth Hcp of 42.0 with a low index of 37.0 and a max of 9 strokes for any given hole, I am predicting a huge improvement from the big guy so much that I will guarantee that he will move up the ladder and will finish no worse that 36th this year.

    Carlos Csicsmann

    Actually Harry your buddy Jumbo may actually finish much better if we follow the World Handicap System and the NET Double Bogey rule. The formula is Net Double Bogey = (Par + 2 + Handicap strokes received for a given hole). So for example if a player is entitled to 1 stroke on a particular hole, the worse he can score would be Par + 2 + 1 = Net Double Bogey. So the question now is will be adhering to the new NET Double Bogey rule under the new World Handicap System.

    Bob Newman

    I certainly hope not. I do not like this in a tournament. JMO

    Scott Greenwell

    Carlos, the double-bogey net only affects the score that is logged against your handicap. It doesn’t lower your actual score.

    Let’s say with your handicap you get two strokes on every hole… and (worst case) you maxed out by making a 9 on every hole. Your total score would be–(9×18=162)

    162 would be your gross World Am Tournament score. (That would have to be a record! 🙂

    The score you would enter in the handicap system would be based on a net double bogey max so you could only take a 7 on par threes, an 8 on par 4s, and the par 5s would remain at 9.

    Assuming a standard course with 4 par threes and 10 par 4s you would adjust the score on those holes before entering the total score into the handicap system. 8 strokes total for the par threes and 10 strokes for the par 4s.

    162 minus 18 strokes = 144. This is the score that would count toward your handicap.

    Carlos Csicsmann

    Scott you’re right, I forgot the Net Double Bogey rule replaced equitable stroke control for handicap purposes. So your score for the tournament is whatever you shoot and not adjusted. Thanks

    Jim Paxton

    Scott, I believe the following is the max per type hole for handicap purposes (not WA):

    Par 3 – Max would be 6 (double bogey 5 plus 1 handicap – 6)
    Par 4 – Max would be 7 (double bogey 6 plus 1 handicap – 7)
    Par 5 – Max would be 8 (double bogey 7 plus 1 handicap – 8)

    At least that’s what I’ve been told. Cheers!

    Bill Hambrick

    If you have ever stood in the fairway and watched a player in the group in front of you take 22 strokes to get out of the sand enroute to a 33 on a hole you would be GLAD to have a 9 stroke limit. If you are getting nines on the scorecard you are not going to win any way.

    Bob Newman

    Bill, the first tournament I worked after we were allowed back on the course in June was a junior girls event. Got a call on the radio to check on a group that was out of position. Caught up to them and they were a hole and half behind. Explained situation to them and explained what they needed to do to catch up. No one complained or masked any excuse, just moved out. Scorer then me one player had a tough time on one hole over water. Later found out she had a 31 on the hole. She finished the round and came back the next day with the same smile she had on her face when I got them to speed up. Says a lot about a 14 year old junior golfer. Every shot should count in a tournament. JMO.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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