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    Tom McGeehan

    I keep seeing on this site that there is a max score per hole of 9 strokes.
    This will be my 34th year, I have to admit I do not know if that is correct. The good news is that I have never needed to score a 9 or higher in previous Years.

    Being almost 79 years old, I have a greater potential for shooting a really high score on one hole.
    How do I find out if this information is correct?

    Bruce Friend

    Go on the home page of the main website and down below in the World Am Recent news is the Rules seminar link and notice the password. About halfway through there is a discussion. Second way is on the Rules sheet on your cart, I believe there is a note about the Max score being 9 on all holes. Usually, someone also asks the pro on the first day, at least they have in my flight for the past few years. They made this change in 2019, I believe.

    John Tantillo

    Yes it is on the rules sheet in your cart, every day, for the past few years. Usually the pro at each course reads the rules sheet line by line before the round, so it will be clearly stated. I’ve had to “take advantage” of this rule a couple times!


    Unfortunately, I’ve had a few of these and 2 of them in the 4th round last year when I was 5 back starting the day. They hurt. The rule is still max 9 as it was announced in the rules webinar. People had suggested a max of +4 on a hole(3/7-4/8-5/9) but it was still decided as max 9 so it is still in play.

    Glenn Foster

    9 it is folks. I personally think they should consider a triple bogey max. Most handicaps, ( I believe this true for most of participants), can’t use more than a double bogey to “officially” post your score.
    Triple Bogey’s are enough tournament punishment for most holes and that will seriously hurt most golfers chances, and let them move on faster on every hole?
    I’ve played with folks over the years that just can’t cover some of the distances. If they haven’t made it by the 3rd tee/fairway shot…


    In the examples below:
    Correct me if I am wrong.

    Even setting the limit at triple bogey max doesn’t seem to penalize the higher handicapped players enough. Just my take on it.

    Either way the world AM has undoubtedly spent many a night discussing this prior to its implementation going over all the ands/ifs/OR’s and butts before they chose the max 9 number.

    Max 9 Example:
    Par 3 – Hole handicap = 18
    Lower handicap par 3 scores a 9 on a -0 non-scoring hole equals 6 over par = 6 over
    Higher handicap par 3 scores a 9 on a -2 scoring hole equals 4 over his par = 4 over

    Triple bogey example:
    Par 3 Hole Handicap = 18
    Lower handicap par 3 scores a 6 on a -0 non-scoring hole equals 3 over par = Net Triple bogey
    Higher handicap par 3 scores a 6 on a -2 scoring hole equals 1 over his par = Net Bogey

    Double Bogey example:
    Par 3 Hole Handicap = 18
    Lower handicap par 3 scores a 5 on a -0 non-scoring hole equals 2 over par = Net Bogey
    Higher handicap par 3 scores a 5 on a -2 scoring hole equals 0 over his par = Net Par

    Have fun, hit the little white ball into the hole and make some new friends. πŸ™‚

    John Tantillo

    Glen–remember that the ESC limit for posting scores is Net double bogey, not gross double. The only players who can’t use more than a gross DB are the zero handicappers. The rest of us can record and post a triple bogey on a stroke hole. If one doesn’t take the triple bogey when one deserves it then you are only skimping yourself (and your partners in team golf) and the player’s handicap is too low. I see it all the time at my home course from the 15-18 handicappers–“just give me a double” after hitting multiple balls OB or similar.


    I feel like that the 9 Max should be changed to double par. For example if player who is a high a very high handicap getting three Strokes on a par 5 and shoots an 11 then that 9 would be a double bogey net where as someone else playing the same hole who does not get a shot has an 8 which would be a triple bogey net so the person who scores a 10 or 11 who registers a 9 would be better off than the person who legitimately hold out. In addition to this it would speed up play who wants to have a nine on a par 3. Have double par. 6 Strokes on par 3 pick up. 8 Strokes On a par 4 and 10 Strokes on a par 5. just my suggestion

    Bill Hambrick

    They implemented the max 9 score in 2017 I believe. In 2016 I watched a golfer take 22 stroke to get out of a sand trap enroute to a 33 on a hole. The decision was made to speed up play.


    LOL Bill I remember several years back I had a friend come with me. Blaize Clute a First timer. his very first hole of the Wam was at TPC Myrtle Beach where he could not get over a carry and ended up having a 19 so his entire week was destroyed on the very first hole and he has never returned

    Glenn Foster

    Fellas, I’m just saying, the maximum handicap is a 36 for entry ( last time I looked yrs. ago.). So why, if the max handicap is double bogey, why isn’t triple bogey enough to pick up & move on?
    Now, I am saying this without looking up what the highest allowable handicap is now, and this is a moot point after all these yrs of 9 max anyway. I just don’t think people should have to loose their chances on a nervous 1st day, or play a lot of forced carry golf courses & not be able to feel like 1 day of high numbers will ruin the rest of the week if the next course are less demanding for yardages.
    I’m sure someone, not naming names, will check the 36 handicap max, but 4-5 triples on a card can be mentally dealt with than 4-5 of the 9’s that could be on any par 3 or 5? Not just a time saver, but makes my math easier to add up: 9’s hurt my feelings!! πŸ˜‰

    Bill Hambrick

    If double bogey were the highest score on a hole and someone had a handicap of 36. The worst they could shoot would be net par. That would not be fair.

    Bobby Thomas

    It’s a moot point, but they aren’t saying double bogey max, rather net double bogey max. Meaning if you were a 36 handicap (and still enjoyed playing golf) you would be able to go up to a quadruple bogey on each hole to max out as a net double bogey.

    Bob Newman

    Max 9 ain’t tournament golf. Just like LMR E 5 (ball lost or OB) which is not used. I have had an 8 on par 3 and survived to be in top 10. JMO

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