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    Tommy Briggs

    I currently have a Footjoy Hydrolite men’s rain jacket. I am looking for a new jacket, the FJ has become a little worn.

    I am considering an Under Armour Surge jacket.

    I am interested in any personal opinions on the Under Armour or another option. I really do not want to spend $4 bills on gore tex

    Thanks in advance


    Tommy, the majority of the time rain gear is pointless. You put it on, you start sweating so bad you are just as wet if you didn’t wear it and now it’s hotter than Hades! I do own a pair of rain pants that the pant legs come off so they are rain shorts. Believe it or not they were made by MacGregor way back in the day. Haven’t seen anything like them on the market even to this day.

    Lets just hope that we don’t see any rain during the tournament and we have a great week of golf! Or you can dawn your Speedo’s. Just make sure you manscape! Nobody needs to see Chewbacca getting loose.

    don rabb

    I have Zero Restriction pants and jacket. Both have been in my golf bag for a few years and work well when I need them. For the beach, get a good bucket hat, some rain gloves and a quarter zip jacket with short sleeves. This is pretty much all you will need.

    Tommy Briggs

    I am also looking at a Zero Restriction jacket with half sleeves. I currently wear a FJ Hydro Lite jacket with half sleeves and I love it, it is just wearing out. I also keep a waterproof bucket hat in my bag, the rain dripping off the brim is a problem but any hat is going to present the same problem.

    Thanks for the Zero Restriction info.

    Bob Newman

    From 25+ years of working outside I will not buy any rain gear that does not have Gore Tex. Have some that is 20+ year old and worth every penny. I have the Zero half sleeve and am never without it just my personal choice but I never buy pants and jacket in same year. Wife would shoot me for that. Haha

    Rick Kimbrell

    http://www.nbgsd.com has Adidas Goretex. I have the long sleeve jacket. I has kept me dry every time I have used it. I think right now, they are priced around $130.
    I am also a fan of Zero Restriction Gore Tex. I have it in the pull over 1/2 zip short sleeve. That is what I am bringing to MB.

    Ken Weatherford

    I have Zero Restriction as well, and I actually bought it used (BIG RISK), but was happy to find out that the were brand new. My Zero Restriction pants do have zippers to convert to shorts. The guy I bought from couldn’t have worn the suit more than once, if that. I also bring two or three sets of rain gloves, and I use Gorilla Grip to put on my grips and golf gloves…not only for rain but for heavy humidity as well.

    Three years ago, I made it to the finals when there was a hurricane coming through. In our group, I was the only person that didn’t hit my tee shot into the weeds on the first hole. Love the Gorilla Grip for rain and humidity.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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