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    Jay Seifert

    While watching the PGA Championship this weekend a number of us noticed the “PGA Player Badges” that are actually clips that go on the players belt. They are made by each tour event and have the tour name and the player names on them. IMHO it would be a nice addition to the gift bag to replace the bag tags with some type of metal “player’s badge”. Instead of the expense of putting each players name on then it could be as simple that just listing the WA logo and the year of the event. It would bring a bit of the PGA directly to the WA. Just a thought

    David Baker

    Great idea, Jay.

    don rabb

    That would be nice!

    John Cossaboom

    I could be just as happy if our names were on the bag tags (like they once were). Even having someone at check -in making the labels would be nice.


    How about a Myrtle Beach World Am – Divot Tool / Ball Marker combination

    I know it may be a bit hard with the change of management but in addition to this would like to see a lapel/hat badge for those players who have played “10 Years” , “15 Years” , “20 years” ect consecutive years with out missing any. Its nice way to show your appreciation to the loyal players

    pat foreman

    Badges? We don’t need no stinking Badges

    Bob Whittington

    Nice Blazing Saddles reference.

    Bob Newman

    I do remember the Bag tags with our names already on them and they were a nice touch. Also the small plastic name badges for CC for participant and guest were nice. I doubt if we will ever see participant player badges fro belt or hat. They did give out small personal pouches one year and I would like to see a nice valuable pouch with the logo “embroidered ” on it. that is something you could use every time you go to course. the idea of something for 10 year participants would also be nice.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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