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    Ken Weatherford

    Online soon!
    Hi everyone! After about 10 years playing in the World Am, keeping skins, and participating in numerous other tournaments, I finally spent a small fortune to build a new, online tournament/league/skins tracking website. It will track all stats (gross and net scores), handicap index and course handicap, individual daily and cumulative total scores; literally everything tournament related. I’ll be adding more tournament and skins games within two or three months; best ball, scramble, alternate shot and more. I also have players’ iPhone and Android mobile apps, but I’m not sure if they’ll be ready by tournament time.
    I’m looking for a few people that are willing to beta test the software during the World Am. I prefer, if two people are running flight skins, I’d like the non-admin skins person to enter data and see which is faster; your method or mine.
    I’m offering free site membership for up to 90 days for anyone (including the skins admin and beta tester) interested in beta testing during the World Am. No more spreadsheets. Once you have player indexes, entered the club/courses, hole handicaps, hole distances, hole pars, and other settings, the rest is done by the system.
    I have in-line, built-in video instructions in the system so you can’t mess it up. The videos walk you through the entire system setup. The software system has links to the USGA Slope Database and GHIN. It will copy the players GHIN number and you can paste it right in. Once you’ve collected names, skins money, and handicap indexes, you’re all set.
    That’s all you need. It tracks daily course info (location, course(s) played, etc.), skins, 50% skin split, gross skins, net skins, gross and net, both, and even skins carry overs. Even if you aren’t interested in using the app during the World Am, I’ll offer you the same free trial for any single event. There will be daily, monthly, and annual plans. If you get in early, I am giving away 30 lifetime memberships.


    Ken Weatherford

    Ken Weatherford

    Contact me at 405-314-9559 or ken_weatherford2004@yahoo.com if interested.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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