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    Tommy Briggs

    I think the new update will encourage players to come and play. I personally am a fan of the one person per cart.

    Tee times are not an issue for me, personally I don’t think it is a big deal, we are starting no later than 9:30 for the most part, four courses with 11:00 tee times. We have to accept the days of gathering large groups of people together (shotguns) is just not going to happen again for awhile.

    Threesomes should help keep everything moving along at a decent pace.

    Complimentary range balls on the range are a plus for me.

    I think the one golfer per cart will help calm some fears of some people.

    I think we are going to see a lot of courses with noodles or pipe in the cups. Again I don’t think that is a big deal. I am more concerned about courses without rakes. I hope everyone is mindful to “foot sweep” the bunkers when they leave.

    All things considered Scott I think you and your staff are doing an excellent job, not everyone is going to be happy but these are just not normal times, great job.

    Brian DeBlis

    Agreed! I think WA staff has thought through this process and this is a great way forward. I feel a lot more comfortable playing golf this way while still social distancing.

    Scott, great job in planning this.

    Bob Newman

    Personally I like tee times better. I hope this encourages the host pro to get out and monitor pace of play and keep things moving. Of course they will also need a starter to go over local rules etc before. Threesomes would make it faster.


    SCOTT ?????, When we get our course assignments will they have tee times for the first 3 days (day 4 by flight position). This will help with transportation if you have multiple travellers at different courses to coordinate


    we will share all 4 days in advance. the fourth day is going to be set ahead of time this year given the circumstances.

    Joe Kalil

    Scott, could you please elaborate on this statement “*Flights may have players with the same handicap in neighboring flights”. Does that mean that flight 3 & 4 are playing at “XYZ” course and you should be in flight 3 but your playing in flight 4 or are you saying you could be playing at a different course than your flight. Thanks.


    From my understanding on how I read it was for example if your handicap is on 11.5 and the cut off between flights 4 and 5, where 4 players at 11.5 I needed to fill the flight, but for example there are nine players with the exact same handicap then four will be randomly placed in the lower flight at a different course with the other five being placed in the next flight at a different course. if you can understand this logic

    Joe Kalil

    Ok, but what if you or someone dropped down to play in the same flight with a friend and you are, in your words, “randomly chosen”? Not only are you not playing with the person you requested, you’re now in a flight you never would have been in to begin with.

    • This reply was modified 4 years ago by Joe Kalil.

    Harry is right but we’ll take into consideration the flight together people. Let’s say 10 people have an 11.5 and only 4 more make 36 people for flight 54. If 3 of them have requests to be with people in flight 54, only 1 of the remaining without a request will be randomly selected to be in flight 54. The remaining 6 will be in flight 55.

    Joe Kalil

    Thank you. Appreciate the answer

    James Carter

    Hi Scott. How many flights are you looking at having as of now? How many courses are you looking to use? Just curious.

    Mike Sigmon

    James the way it looks as of right now to me there is 2324 people signed upright now 36 to a flight that’s about 65 flights and half of that is 32 to 33 courses I’m sure all the flights will not have 36 some might have 27 to 33 so that could add a few more courses and if more sign up then for every 72 adds another course if I’m thinking right..

    Glenn Foster

    Agree! The threesome thing hasn’t proven to be a real “difference maker” over the years to me but, individual carts will be, in my opinion. Go straight to your own shot instead of the alternate golfer further back before assessing the cart partners shot. Thank you World Am for working the problems at hand instead of guessing at these issues. It will be weird to not have the CC each night, I’ve been doing this since 1995 so this will make post round nightly routines foreign. We will adapt and have something more normal next year I’m sure. As always, looking forward to what courses I will get to play this time: Always!

    Bob Newman

    Glenn, threesomes are used by majority of organizations in tournament play as it does speed up play. At my home course we played several days in 3somes and we finished on average 25 minutes faster. (Individuals carts). The one thing that will definitely speed up play is if someone in the group actually times the 3 minute search for a ball, that time goes a lot faster than most realize.


    Another way to speed up play is to have a bit of pre tournameny thought into what courses who playd where. For example, as I have suggested in years past. You get a group of about 12 courses and these are used solely for the purpose of the high handicapper. You then request from these courses that they cut the fairways a little wider and the rough a little lower. As we all know high handicappers don’t hit the ball straight and there is nothing worse than 6 and a 1/2 hour round looking for balls in heavy rough. Not saying that they should get crapy courses, there should be several A quality courses in their rotation but save some of them for all of the higher flighted age divisions with the request to make the course easier for them to get around in I timely manner. I recall several years back that a high handicap friend played nearly a 7 hour round on a tough tough course with the low round of the day being 107. He stated to me “we had no business being on a course like that”

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