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    I am concerned about the handicap index that I have to submit come August 15th. With this new world handicap system it just doesn’t seem right my handicap at the moment is 9.8. The lowest for the year but if you do a search it will show that my lowest index was 9.4 if you look at the history all the way back through to January the lowest I have been is 9.8. Why does it say my lowest index is 9.4 is that the way it works at your lowest handicap is set below your actual handicap. confused don’t want to put in the wrong index as it might effect which flight I am positioned in


    Thanking the World Am who reached out to me vis phone call to clear this mess up. The cause of the reduction was that I played and an exceptionally low round in the last month and as a result of this every round posted prior to that and still included in the 20 rounds is reduced by one stroke thus giving you a lower index as a result of the exceptional score if you shoot 7 strokes lower than your index. I was informed that if you shoot 10 strokes lower than your index the exceptional calculation takes off 2 strokes submitted each score until the low exceptional round drops off the system. Once again thank you to the World Am staff for a clear explanation of what was happening

    Aaron Ellis


    I have the same thing going on right now I reckon, shows my low at 9.2 but my lowest revision in the history only shows a 9.3, was wondering why that would happen, but I doubt .1 will hurt me to bad hopefully atm, may be lower than 9.2 anyway before now and end of August if I keep playing well!


    It my not make any difference to your handicap whatsoever but it might make the difference whether you are in one flight or the next. The cut off could be 5 or 6 people separated boy 0.1 and if you are in the wrong flight and happen to be in the final pairing and they scrutinize your handicap and find out that your lowest index was 9.3 but your history shows 9.2 you could possibly be dqd for entering false information I was informed regardless of what the actual handicap these must submit the lowest round that it States on your record to avoid all confusion Complication

    Aaron Ellis

    Long as you play off the lowest number you should be fine as far as I know! Now it may screw ya by putting you in a different flight, but if you play off a lower handicap then ya can’t go wrong!

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