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    Lee Hooper

    What a shame the TCP would not give out handicap flags for people who need them and helped make the round 6.5 hours long. Most of the time you had to exit the fairway 100 yards from the green and walk 30 to 40 yards from cart path to greens. The same with the Tee Boxes, long walks. We had a 3 some because of a no show and waited on every shot because a guy in the group ahead had trouble walking and even getting his ball out of the hole. ( Someone would get it out for him ). I have a prosthetic right leg because my leg has been amputated below my knee and a lot of walking tires me out much quicker than most, so the extra time waiting helped but not much ( Very Hot Tuesday ). At Farmstead and Arrowhead ( Fairways were wet to start ) you could at least get to within 20 to 30 yards of the greens and much closer to the tee boxes. In a flight with age range of 60 to 69 ( WITH MORE PHYSICAL AILMENTS AND HANDICAPS ) and handicaps of 21.7 to 34.1 you don’t get a lot of golfers hitting the greens in 2 so it will be slow but with all the extra walking the TPC made use do, I don’t think may had that much fun that day. As for me, One and Done at TPC until they change their HANDICAP FLAG POLICY !!!!!


    I can imagine how frustrating it would be especially after you were in the lead from day 1. After a long day like that one could say that you needed the entire afternoon to – rehooperate.

    chuck cole

    On the other side of the coin (fairway), I played a few courses with cartpath only that allowed flags to go where they pleased. My flight was 70+ high hcp, so imagine the advantage flags got, as well as the riding companion. Something should be done to equalize.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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