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    Now is the time to put on the brakes if you are playing well and dont want to fall below your yearly low mark. All handicaps will have to be submitted at the next revision date which is only 15 days away. I didnt think this applied to me as the WAM has already pegged me with their own index of 3.9 which has stuck with me for the past 3 years. I have continually complained about it, jokingly, but my words always fell on deaf ears. The bottom line was that I just had to live with it and get used to playing off a lower handicap than my actual GHIN. Well this year I have been working hard on my game and last week I shot a nice round of even par in a State Senior event followed up by yesterday winning my Clubs Senior Championship. These scores dropped my index to 4.0 which is 0.1 above what I will be playing off come tournament time. I guess that the WAM just about had me pegged to the number. Nice job guys you are doing an awesome job keep it up. See you in a few weeks time but this doesnt mean that I am still not going to complain …….:)

    Bill Hambrick

    Yes Harry a bitchin golfer is a Happy Golfer.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Congrats on the win Harry!!! See you in a few weeks.

    Daniel Rousseau

    Hi guys could you explain to me what is a revision what does it do


    Daniel – the USGA only recalculates a handicap index twice a month. That index on the 1st and 15th is a revision. Canada does not have revisions because they update handicap factors each time you post a score. In a sense, you have a revision every time you post a score. Where as USGA only has two a month.

    Daniel Rousseau

    ok thanks but why do i get a deduction of 5 %


    The 5% you lose is a Customs Tax which is applied to your handicap. Those shots then are transferred to the Obama Mulligan Fund which will be used next time he goes to the course

    david tiano

    Daniel it’s the exchange rate.

    Seriously have no idea why you are adjusted 5%.

    Daniel Rousseau

    the exchange is more like 40 won’t keep me from going can wait

    Rick Kimbrell

    Daniel, have you been advised by the World Am that you are getting a 5% handicap reduction?
    The FAQ section of this website gives you some information about possible reduction but it does not state by how much. That is why I am curious about you knowing you have a 5% reduction.
    From the FAQ
    The entrant is a new player and or has not played in the previous World Amateur. In which case, the submitted Handicap Index will be evaluated and reduced accordingly if any of the following criteria are not met:
    a. Entrant does not have twenty (20) scores posted for the last 12 months
    b. Entrant does not have one (1) tournament round posted in the last 12 months
    c. Entrant does not have any scores posted after June 30, 2016
    d. Entrant does not provided Handicap Committee with their Handicap Chairman contact information

    Daniel Rousseau

    when i summitt my handicap form info this morning at the end it said that i had a 5 % reduction cause i don’t have a revise handicap, scott wrote back see is post,so i don’t know yet why


    If you get into town early Daniel you are quite welcome to come and join us in a fun little event at Brunswick Plantation on the Friday. Play 27 holes ( 3 x nines) and you get to take you best 6 holes from each 9 to make up your best 18 holes. A lot of fun with less than 30 players

    Daniel Rousseau

    thanks Harry for the invite but my week is already plan


    Daniel – We ask for all USGA indexes to provide the lowest handicap index in the last 12 months as part of submission criteria. The majority of non-USGA indexes do not have the ability to submit your lowest 12 month handicap revision. The 5% is a uniform non-USGA reduction because that data is unavailable. This has been in place since we started asking for lowest 12 month indexes.

    Ken Delaney

    If our “lowest revision in the last 12 months” is higher than our WA index, is the WA index still subjected to the reduction criteria?

    In particular, is the requirement “20 scores in the last 12 months”? or “20 scores in the current calendar year”?

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