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    Tracy Chapman

    I am bringing my wife with me on this trip. She enjpy’s going and riding around the course with me
    in the cart while I play. My question is, do any of you do that with your spouse? I signed up to
    play in a skins game at The Hackler Course on the 25th, I called and they said that they may not have
    enough carts to accommodate me.

    Another question, do any of you have a course recommendation that I could do this at, looking for a
    cool and pretty layout

    Tracy Chapman (male)

    Charles Freeland

    I Didn’t know that spectators were allowed to ride in carts with the players…….


    I brought my wife with me and I was told she can’t ride with so she sits outside and watches everyone and if it gets hot she goes inside, better than staying in the hotel.

    Tracy Chapman

    I wasn’t talking about the tournament itself, I am asking about Saturday or Sunday before the tournament,
    yes, spectators are not allowed at the tournament, just looking for course recommendations before the

    Ken Delaney

    Unless something has changed, spectators WERE allowed to follow along in a SEPARATE cart. I have witnessed this in multiple years. There is an exception to this where an individual course will not allow spectators but you have to double check w the WA staff to be certain.

    Rick Murgittroyd


    Were playing the NoBagger at Heathland on Sunday morning. Nice course to site see.



    Spectators are allowed at the course discretion. They cannot ride in the same cart as the participant. Most courses do allow it and will charge a rental fee to do so (tournament round or not). I would contact them before hand to check.

    Landis Courington

    One year there was two players whose wife’s wanted to ride with their husbands but were told they would have to rent a cart and follow their husbands but stay quite and almost out of sight. My friend and I were in the same flight and on the first day one of the players was in his foursome, his wife was very courteous and almost unseen the entire round. The third day I was in a foursome with the other player and by the 2nd hole his wife was up and traveling with us and to me she became almost an obstacle, he asked her to stay back but she popped up all over the place and we had to constantly watch for her—it was rude and uncalled for. My feeling toward this is let them follow but if they interfere with play they must leave the course.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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