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    Bill McArdle

    New USGA rule of bringing it back to the fairway with 2 stroke penalty. Dropping from previous spot. Which is correct for this tournament? I’ve heard many questions but no real answers.

    Jim Paxton

    It’s a local rule. The club you are laying has to list it in their rules. Highly doubt any of the courses here are using it.


    Hey Bill- That local rule is not in effect.

    Glenn Fisher

    Local rule was in effect today at Litchfield. If you hit OB come laterally from where it went in and drop in fairway. You’re laying 3 there.

    Bob Newman

    Scott, I heard today that some in Flight 51 at Thistle played some wrong holes and were then put in front off others to get back into position. Also, No One was accepting score cards at end to ask if there were any Rules issues or if you had any questions about play that day. Were told by man at desk “just drop them in the basket”.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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