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    John Mudrock

    Seems to me this is first time tourney has not been completed with Friday’s Championship round. Will this year just go down as NO eventual champion? Or did you have some sort of putt-off or other event to decide an overall Champion for this year?

    Rick Kimbrell

    We were told Thursday night if Final’s round was canceled, there would be no overall winner for the first time in history of WA. And…it wwas canceled.

    Tom Doughan

    Sir Rick,

    You’re wayyyyy too humble in modestly hiding the fact that YOU are actually the 2016 WA Champ.

    I have intimate knowledge from an extremely reliable inside source who heretofore refuses to be named. His (or her) recounting of certain events on that Friday were substantiated by unquestionable facts based upon solid rumors and innuendo. Apparently, in some heavily smoke filled back grille room (while waiting out Hermine’s periodic temper tantrums as she passed over the Grand Strand) a number of y’all playing on that Friday decided to settle the big question another way. A fierce contest of rock, paper, scissors broke out in which you eventually prevailed.

    Congrats, champ!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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