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    Mark Paglia

    Pace of play was unacceptable this year!!! The host courses never policed pace of play, well at least the course I played. I know the courses had a lot of rain, but 6+ hour rounds even cart path only was ridiculous!!!

    Rick Kimbrell

    Mark, we had some fairly long rounds in flight 48 and 49 but considering cart path only, the conditions being as wet as they were, and the fact we were playing tournament golf…I did not think it was all that bad. Now, that said, I did not have a 6+ hour round. Had a couple that probably were close to 5-1/2 or so but as I said I thought it was understandable. We had 2 lost balls on same hole one day and that cost us 4 or 5 minutes each and we looked for potential lost balls almost every day. Balls plugging in rough, in fairway, blind shots…it all adds up.
    Some days saw the marshals a lot, other days not so much. Guess it all depends on the course(s).
    Sorry you had bad experience.

    Jay Seifert

    Sorry to learn of your long rounds. At least some of this might be flight-specific or perhaps the way the courses placed us on the courses. The rounds in my flight were completed in less than 4 & 1/2 hours. Even the cart path only, 2 hour delay (due to rain) Tuesday round at Heritage was completed in less than 5 hours. Then again, my foursomes never had anyone in front of us for most of the rounds so we could go as fast as we liked and most of my playing partners were fairly quick with one exception. We never had any other foursomes “on our tail” either though so perhaps others in my flight got “stuck” behind some of those slow pokes

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    Mike Morgan

    This year was one of the best for pace of play. My flight played in 5 hours day 1 and on day 2 with cart path only we still played in 6 hours.

    tommy seymour

    I played in flt 31 and rds were 4 1/2 to 5 hrs , not bad as far as I know . Thanks WA for a great time !

    Jeffrey Goodman

    I played in flight 12 and the pace for all 4 rounds was the best it has been in years even with cart path only. Sounds like your flight may have had some players slowing down the entire flight it can definitely happen.

    Rick Kimbrell

    Interesting. Mark had 6+ hour rounds and he was in flight 11. Jeffrey’s pace for all 4 rounds was best in years. Jeffrey was in flight 12. They were on the same course on the same day. Strange how that can happen. Since I run skins I have to hang around. I have seen it where I finish, sit in the clubhouse and wait way over an hour, maybe hour and half, for the last group to come in. Amazing…guess it depends on where you happen to be on the course and where the hold up is.
    So did either one of you happen to see marshal(s) on the course? Did they say anything about pace of play? Or were they just giving out water and not stopping while people hit their shots?

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    Terry Cornelius

    I was in a group that fell two holes behind one day. I apologize to the rest of the two flights for my part in that, but I did try my best to keep up.

    Tom Doughan

    I know I will NEVER see in the World Am the 3 – 3 1/2 hour rounds I am currently accustomed to. That being said, having played in Flight 12 myself this year, I concur with Jeff that our pace of play was nearly excellent this year–at least by World Am standards. In fact, this was the best I’ve seen in my 24 years of playing in this event. I remember all too vividly ENTIRE TOURNEYS where the fastest round was a shade over 6 hours! Here are the numbers for the groups I played in per my golf app which tracks (among many stats) pace of play:

    Round 1 – 4 hrs 25 min;
    Round 2 – 5 hrs 8 min;
    Round 3 – 4 hrs 51 min;
    Round 4 – 5 hrs 24 min.

    These numbers would have been even better except for my absolutely abysmal play this year (worst in my 24 year history) so for anyone behind us I may have held up I apologize.

    Mark Paglia

    Thanks for all your input…guess the issue was flight 11…our last day at Heritage was 6hr 10 min.. never seen any ranger at all…and only 3 holes of cart path… guess I need to get my handicap up to play quicker..lol
    For me this was so much worse than last when it came to pace of play..I’ll stop whining, still a great event!!!!

    Danny Fox

    I have to say this was the best year I’ve had for the pace of play. Last round my group finished in just over 4hrs, other 3 rounds I don’t think I had one much over 5hrs, very pleased this year.

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